Hero Academy - February league

You can challenge anyone in the list above you, as well as anyone within three spots below you. The top three players may challenge anyone in the list. Please do not challenge anyone you are already playing.

Please report your wins in boldface.

For the most current rankings, go to the end of the thread and work backwards until you see them.


Q: Is it too late to join?
A: Nope! Send me a PM that includes your Hero Academy game name if you’d like to join.

Q: Can we use any team we want to?
A: Sure!

Q: How are people ranked?
A: I’m only keeping track of how many games above or below .500 each player is. This means that someone who is 10-8 will be ranked the same as someone who is 7-5, even though the 7-5 player has a slightly better percentage.

Q: What is the horizontal line for?
A: The people below it have zero results so far. They can challenge anyone in the entire list.

Q: When does the league end?
A: Let’s suspend league play on February 26 at quarter-to-three in the night, and commence with a four-player playoff for league champion. Ties for the fourth spot will be broken by looking at the result of the most recent game(s) among the tied players. The playoff will be of the usual semi-finals / finals form. You must have played at least 10 games to qualify for the playoffs.

The last day on which challenges that must be completed may be issued is February 22. After that date, challenges may be completed.


Jag Jagg

Never did one of these tournament things, but I play a decent amount of HA.

That’s enough people to get going!

First, can someone else try to friend Delta at “notquitereal”?

Also, if you want to start before I post the rules (which are simple), just make a challenge of anyone in the list and initiate a game. Doesn’t matter which side you choose. Winners will report wins here, and we’ll be off and running!

Don’t feel like you have to finish games quickly or anything.

Oh hey, I’ll play! krayzkrok krayzkrok

I’ll play! mittense

[Edit] And some day I’ll even read a post well enough to know I’m supposed to PM you.

I’m in. Sending PM now.

I got a bunch more PMs, and will update later today! Meanwhile, feel free to issue challenges if you want to start, as mentioned in my previous post.

Challenges are being sent to Diddums128, Jagg, Discord, iamagiantnerd, and Dave do you wanna make our current game count? Or should we start a new one fresh?

Let’s start a new one, DeF!

Welcome to several more people, including Xemu, who was on the development team for the game! He told me that Game Center integration is not yet complete, so to hook up with someone for a challenge, use the in-game search, and the nickname in the original post of this thread.

Rules soon! For now, just play. The rules are trivial.

In that case I challenge Dave Perkins with a twist! Random army selection!

Dude you so live on the edge.

That reminds me… In a recent game, I discarded my last three “tiles” and ended my turn, and all three came right back. Was that a bad coincidence, or is your starting “deck” always the same?

Rules are up (see original post).

I believe each race’s ‘deck’ is fixed. So it sounds like you just cycled the last 3 cards of your deck.

Ah. Well. Dang.

I will challenge that Xemu guy who claims to be a developer. Show me how it’s done, bra!

Welcome to benloran!

Also, tip: to play games in the league, you need to play some games. Some of you are just sitting there like… like helmets!

I sent challenges to notquitereal and slantz to start off.