Heroes IV expansion

Just thought I’d mention that as a Heroes junkie I’ve bought the expansion and played through most of it already.

Viewed objectively, it is even more exploitative than the usual 3DO expansion of recent years. It adds hardly anything new to the engine or the game, just a small number of structures and items, and an even smaller number of new creatures.

Subjectively: w00t! 6 new campaigns! w00t!

Oh well, I just wish 3DO didn’t suck quite as much as they obviously do these days. Pity the latest Might and Magic was so lame. It’s like all the people with humor and intelligence who made some of the earlier M&M games left or were fired, and only dull time-servers were left humping away on the project.

Just get Age of Wonders 2 people , its a better game.

This is from a big Heroes III fan too.

I am picking it up this weekend. Miramon, I am glad I am not the only semi-intelligent person which is contributing hard earned funds to a product that is universally believed to be over-priced and pretty shallow. I just want to see the series continue and, as I have said elswhere, I will happily donate to the cause. It’s like a charity auction where you pay $29.99 for a $9.99 product. I am doing it for the kids. :)

Just get Age of Wonders 2 people , its a better game.

Jason, I simply cannot get into the AoW series. I picked up and put down the original 3 times before just giving it up. I quit about 1/3 of the way through one of the campaigns each time. I am sure I will grab AoW 2 and give it a shot as I know much has been changed/improved from the first. Probably not until it works it’s way down to $19.99, though.

you’re only punishing yourself by neglecting aow2. why lead this lifestyle of pointless self-denial? i’m telling you, it’s not a sin to taste the pleasues of aow2. plus, all the cool people are doing it.

My Mommy told me about bad people like you. She said, “Tiger, don’t fall prey to that message board peer pressure. You could get drunk, thrown in jail, and/or pregnant.”

I’ve played through the Campaign in AoW2 on Normal difficulty, and it was very easy (when using cheap tricks like I do). The Scenarios look to be more challenging in the little I’ve played of them, continuing with the now normal “Easy Campaign / Hard Scenario” manner.

AoW2 lacks the addictiveness of HoMM3. This is the problem…

The army animation is far superior in HoMM3. The army types seem more “real” there since they are animated. The heroes are more detailed with more personality. Also, the entire game of HoMM3 is more colorful and fantastical than AoW2.

AoW2 is better tactically, though neither game is much of a military war simulation.

AoW2 is also stronger feature-wise, while HoMM3 has a better interface.

Its 2002. AoW2’s cinematics are atrocious. Perhaps someone should spell out the words “Production Values” to the developers. HoMM3 didn’t have great cinematics but back then it wasn’t as big a deal. Hire some Blizzard people ASAP.

Neither game had much of a plot for its Campaigns, although AoW2 seemed to think it did.

AoW2 is a clinically impressive game, while it loses on the Color and Personality fronts. All Gameplay and Zero Style.

Verdict for AoW2: A good game… maybe an 80% or so. IF it corrects its problems while retaining its strengths, watch out for AoW3.

I guess I could have just PM’ed Miramon with this info, but I am going out on a limb and assume that there may be one more person on this board other than the 2 of us who bought the expansion for Heroes IV:

Run your gameupdate there is a 2.2 patch out now. :)

Why all of the discussion about HoMM3? Was HoMM4 really that bad?

I much prefer AoW2, but that has more to do with the way tactical combat is implemented.

  • Alan

Huh, what? I’ve completely blocked HOMMIV from my memory. It was the only way I could remain a HOMM fan.

I have a mantra to get me through the rough patches:

Heroes V, Heroes V, Heroes V…

An hour in complete blackness repeating that makes all anger abate where the $70.00 I contributed to the Save New World Computing Fund (SNWCF) is concerned.

It wasn’t that bad. I still play it. There are a few nitpickers who complain about the miserable A.I., buggy release, lack of communication with the Heroes community by 3DO and NWC, loooong delay with the multiplayer patch, but nothing serious. :wink:

I object to the fact that they almost completely abandoned the “board gaminess” that made HOMM well… HOMMey.

Waiting for Day 7 creatures was a tactical consideration - Gone
Armies need a hero to move - Gone
Bright and simple graphics that were nice to look at - Gone
AI that can actually play the game - Gone

I think they muddied what was once an elegant game by trying to make it play more like some kind of sim. A sim of what, I’m not sure exactly, but the simple boardgame quality was what I liked most about HOMM pre IV.

It is definitely a different game. That is what I like. If it had been dolled-up version of H3, I think I would have tired of it much more quickly. I like the new strategic battle map. I like the changes they have made to the magic schools where it is near impossible to load up on all different types of magic. It seems to be a love or hate thing between old Heroes fans.

Sure, some of what made H3 a classic is gone, but I like the chances they took in not doing a rehash (or Heroes 3: The Next Generation). It is far from perfect and it certainly plays differently, but me likey.

It’s weird how important this is. When I saw HOMM4’s graphics and animation, I almost wept. Same goes for Age of Wonders 2. No matter how many people say it’s a great strategy game (and, therefore, one which ought to be my darling), I can’t get over the LOOK of the units. It’s like playing chess with turds instead of chess pieces.

  • Dave


Once again…not that many care, but…(From HoMM site Celestial Heavens)

Map Format Issue for the Gathering Storm

07:02 PST - Angelspit -
It was confirmed on the official 3DO boards that the Gathering Storm campaign editor can only be used to produce Gathering Storm-specific maps. In other words, any map saved in the expansion editor will require the Heroes IV expansion to be played, even if not a single new expansion object has been added. An owner of the expansion will be required to uninstall the Gathering Storm(expansion) in order to produce standard Heroes IV maps. A short-sighted design decision of the development team, or a rather dubious marketing plan? You be the judge.

Bold added by yours truly.

How stooooooooopid is that? How many chances can die-hard (not to mention casual) fans give these morons?

It may seem minor. Hell, I do not even create maps, but this…I can’t…they oughtta…why didn’t…ugh!!


You know what’s really sad? Despite all the suckiness associated with 3DO I am still enjoying the expansion. I am on Campaign 5 (of 6) and enjoying building up my little clique of uber heroes :).

Oh well,


Guilty as charged. I am still playing too. Second campaign. These campaigns seem pretty canned, though. Linear. Not many surprises. Very thin story. Still love the series and am crossing my fingers for the next expansion.

"How stooooooooopid is that? How many chances can die-hard (not to mention casual) fans give these morons? "

Just buy AOW2. :wink:

How well does the currently patched HOMM IV fix the gameplay bugaboos of the initail release? What got fixed, what’s still screwed up?

Most of the problems have been fixed. Chief among those was the ability to instantly move armies from one town to the next. The biggest, of course, is the inept A.I. which has not been helped out. Maybe with the next expansion. I think I will hold my breath. :oops: