Heroes Season 1: $19.99 at Best Buy

I have all of Season II TiVo’d and just last week picked up Season one and have watched it ferociously. I avoided threads and discussions of the show after missing the first few initial Season I episodes thinking it would suck.

Looks like it may take me 3 weeks to watch the entire first 2 Seasons. Not sure if it is my viewing in the DVD seasonal format or what, but I did the same thing with Lost and I love both shows. I get totally engrossed and do not spend a week or two noodling out plot weaknesses in between episodes and wishing the shows ahd this or that.

Anyway, just a heads up on the Best Buy Deal. I bought it for $39.99 at Costco so I missed out. Any of you who had your doubts about the show or couldn’t/wouldn’t shell out the $50, 20 bucks is easily worth it.