Heroes V Gets Second Expansion

Spotted at Blues. Has Orcs and a few other things. It won’t require a copy of HoMMV.

• New Orc Faction: First made famous in Dark Messiah of Might & Magic™, the brutal Orc faction now comes to the Heroes series. Savage, fiercely proud, and resolutely independent, the Orcs put the "might” in Might & Magic. This faction’s troops include Orcs, Goblins, Cyclops, and the famed Pao Kais.

• New Campaign: Experience the dramatic conclusion of the usurper Biara’s reign. Discovering the demonic influence that corrupts the Haven knights, the savage clans of the Orcs will take up arms to eradicate the Inferno threat. Characters from Dark Messiah of Might & Magic™ will also appear to bring an unexpected twist to this multi-layered plot. In addition, tribes of the East will also feature 10 multiplayer and five single-player maps.

• New Upgrade Level: Every creature in the Heroes® V universe will get an alternative upgrade level, increasing the total number of creatures in the Heroes of Might & Magic® V line to over 170! These powerful new abilities are sure to become an integral part of your combat tactics.

• Extra Content: Expand your arsenal and gameplay with new spells, artifacts, buildings and innovative features such as the combo-based Artifact Power Link and Battle Rage, the unique racial ability of the Orcs.

• Standalone Product: In order to allow both fans and newcomers to enjoy this dramatic conclusion to the Heroes® V experience, Tribes of the East will be a standalone product – no previous Heroes game installations will be required to play.


Having a tie-in with Dark Messiah is sort of interesting, up until the point that you realize they’re tying in plot elements. I mean, if they had tied in some melee combat elements, that would rock. But plot elements? Fuck, how is that a plus?


Spoiler? Hell, did anyone NOT see that one coming?

That’d be great, all the maps could take place on winding paths around cliffs, and it’d all be centered around positioning your units to best kick the other guys off the cliffs and/or rolling barrels into them to knock them off cliffs.

Like The Incredible Machine but with decapitated, flaming orcs?

I’d totally play that.

Were you trying to be sarcastic? Because you just described the best HoMM game ever. And I’m a pretty big HoMM fanboy.

Will this one have… AI?

I lol’d. Maybe they’ll add a new terrain type called “Beds of Spikes…Everywhere!”

Strange that it won’t require the original game to play. Maybe they’ll make a campaign that isn’t awful this time. Not including a grueling Infernal campaign that has you fucking around with elven units for half of it instead of actually getting to try out the, ya know, infernal units would be a good start. I’ll be waiting to see the reviews, certainly.

Ugh, more campaign is exactly what HoMM5 doesn’t need. And five new solo skirmish maps? Is that supposed to be a joke?

Talk about not getting what made the HoMM games great.

What kept me playing the HOMM series so much was indeed the campaign’s for a long time. What pulled me away from HOMM though was how long it took to play a multiplayer game to completion.

For this game to hold it’s edge though I agree, something besides just a new campaign is needed. I’ll guess we’ll see how it plays.

Just 15 new maps? Man, I had the most fun playing Heroes either with a friend or just tooling around on a skirmish map. So much of Heroes V seemed right and fun, yet it’s on the bookshelf and Heroes III is on my PC. While once I would’ve picked up any core Heroes product without blinking, I’m going to need to hear more about this one.

New Orc Faction: First made famous in Dark Messiah of Might & Magic™, the brutal Orc faction now comes to the Heroes series. Savage, fiercely proud, and resolutely independent, the Orcs put the "might” in Might & Magic. This faction’s troops include Orcs, Goblins, Cyclops, and the famed Pao Kais.

Gundula happy. Gundula put away battle axe and cancel trip to Paris.

This reminds me of exactly what failed after HoMM3: putting out useless money-grab expansions like this. Fortunately, unlike with 4, HoMM5 was something I left behind pretty quickly after release and haven’t gotten back into it yet (and, to be truthful, probably never will). Something about it just made it so dull and unenjoyable to play. Considering that the HoMM series is a set of my favorite games of all time, that HoMM5 failure really bothers me.

And a tie-in with DMoMM? That pushed me even further from ever wanting to experience anything more of HoMM5. Gah.

The Heroes III expansions were awesome, though–definitely the model of HoMM at its best. They had the only campaigns that I ever really liked in a Heroes game (relatively short ones), plus each one came with like 35-40 new skirmish maps. That’s an expansion worth buying.

I really wish that HoMMV would get a similar treatment, because I actually like the play mechanics in this version better than those in any other game in the series (particularly the combat). But so far it’s been a set of great mechanics in search of great content.

Something about it just made it so dull and unenjoyable to play.

The HoMMV campaign was pretty dull. Which was a problem, since it made up a very large portion of the content in the game.

Feh! HoMM V is a great game! I could never go back to III at this point (although I do still enjoy playing II).

15 new maps seems like more than enough to me – It takes forever to play through a skrimish map, and I haven’t even made my way through the ones that shipped with the original game.

Yep, I think that was the problem. Unfortunately, if you want to showcase what your game can do (which is what the campaigns are there to do) then those were the worst way to do it. Then, advertising your expansions with an emphasis on story with more campaigns suggests they just didn’t get it. Ah well.

The biggest problem with campaigns in HoMM games is that the HoMM gameplay was originally designed with standalone scenarios in mind–like Civ, only with handmade maps. That’s all that came with the first game in the series, and even when they felt the (somewhat misguided) need to put storylines in the later games, New World still recognized that standalone play was still the “meat” of the game. Standalone scenarios are where you get to play with all the toys–straight-up games with no artificial limitations or special rules. I don’t have a problem with throwing in some content like that to mix things up. But if you make that the main focus of the game, I think you’ve sort of missed the point.

HoMMV’s campaign was packed with artificial rules and special limitations, moreso than past HoMM games. Many of the missions had a distinctly tutorial-like feel (i.e. harsh limits on what you could do, such as “no building”), which is fine when you are on scenario one or two, but not so much when you are on scenario 30 or 40. By the time you finished with the (way too long) campaign, you were chomping at the bit to play some real HoMM scenarios, without all the stupid limitations. But by that time, you were almost done with the game. The tiny handful of standalone scenarios they gave you was smaller than any other game in the series… including expansion packs. By a lot.

I have little desire to play more campaign content from this developer at this point, so for me, the skirmish content is the only content that I care about in an expansion. And a paltry five new SP maps = no sale.

Yeah, I agree that that aspect of the campaign design is really weak.

I got just got HOMM5 + HOF. I finished the first campain and started the second. I stopped at the beggining of the second scenario which involves a kind of a race across the map. I just headed for the skirmish maps. I hope there is some community content out there.

I’ll eat my hat if it does. By now Nival’s probably realized that fans are gonna buy it anyway no matter how broken the game is. I mean, they’ve already put up with lousy performance, zillions of bugs, a laughable number of (scripted as hell) maps, a cheating computer and a non-functional multiplayer until the first expansion, so why bother…?

Oh yes I’m pissed.