Heroes vs. Stars

A New York Times column by A.O. Scott entitled Heroes vs. Stars: Revenge of the Nerds that looks at the recent spate of comic book characters as being the stars of the films, and not the actors who play them.

I really put up this link because this statement in the column, “…and run into the ground by Joel Schumacher…” made me evily pleased. Next to the four most dreaded words in our language (directed-by-Michael-Bay), Joel Schumacher’s name is enough to make me certain I’ll never see a film.

I also liked this bit: “Movie stars are glamorous creatures we dream of meeting someday, while superheroes are the people we secretly believe we are.”

“I’m a superhero mother. An effete British superhero.”


If I’m right, then that quote you have there is from Mystery Men. And that, is awesome.

“If you know your history you’ll see it all makes sense.”