Heroic gameplay meets villainous free-to-play in Marvel Heroes

Title Heroic gameplay meets villainous free-to-play in Marvel Heroes
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When June 16, 2013

Diablo III gets it. Torchlight gets it. Marvel Ultimate Alliance gets it. Titan Quest gets it. Borderlands gets it. Path of Exile doesn't get it. Van Helsing doesn't get it. Krater doesn't get it. Dungeon Siege doesn't get it. Sacred doesn't get it..

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What , 4 stars? This is obviously a perfect game and deserved 5 stars. You are damaging it's metacritic rating just by thinking about 4 stars. Troll review !

4 stars for a game that locks up if you play at reasonable settings. Awesome.

"Path of Exile doesn’t get it. Van Helsing doesn’t get it. Krater doesn’t
get it. Dungeon Siege doesn’t get it. Sacred doesn’t get it. Hellgate:
London didn’t get it" -- I thought sure the answer was going to be, "Let you play as a redhead in thigh-high go-go boots."

I think you could do that in Hellgate London.

For what it's worth, I run the game at max and, other than when I run into an event boss (where you'll have a dozen characters blasting away at one enemy) I'd get steady 60 FPS.

Gotta get the traffic to this site somehow!

Enjoy the hits from the Marvel Heroes fanboys who will show up just to tell you your website is horrible and how you should go back to flipping burgers.

One other thing Marvel Heroes totally gets: smashing the environment is fun. That's why it has a lot of destructible scenery, that often rewards you with credits, items, or more enemies to kill. Hell, if my homing energy ball attack can't find any enemies nearby, it'll automatically target the nearest destructible terrain element. And it is glorious.

A friend of mine found Cable hiding in a box. I'll envy him forever.

"Oh, look, The Thing. Big whoop."
Oh no you didn't.

"you’re with a group of character[s]"
"And the other characters I see running around are doing things I kind of wish I was doing too. I mean, seriously, who would[n't] want to play Deadpool throwing around superhero dolls to draw aggro?"

I'm looking forward to playing this. I was about to install this the other night, but I noticed it was ~12 GB, and my SSD has precious little space. Looks like I'll have to find a game to kick off in order to make room for this game.

It's time to clobber!

I thought this was a bit crap (or 'half-baked' to use Tom's words), and one of those games that doesn't 'get it'. I enjoy neither the combat, character customization or the looting. Path of Exile is surely the free-to-play diablo-clone to play, it's ten times the game this is.

This game is getting mediocre reviews across the board and you give it a 4/5? Typical. You're just a contrarian.

"Milady, 'tis the clobbering hour."


No, seriously: Is anyone still paying you for writing? Because i cant find anything else that's not old. Building a case study for a class out of your work how missing an editor and confusing fact with opinion screws up ones writing...

I've read your post a few times and I still can't figure it out. Could you give it another pass?

That almost -- almost! -- makes me want to play The Thing I got for finishing the storyline.

Is anyone still paying you for writing?

I discovered this site only a few days ago while looking for TLOU reviews and, after reading this site's (along with readers'(?) reactions), I have to hand it to Tom Chick.

I have found your articles refreshing, informative and, quite frankly, I LOVE how angry people get at the number at the end of your reviews!