So one of my hallmates was pissed about the screamometal that was being played at an event and started blasting a-capella choral music in Hebrew.

I recognized some of the words; traditional Hebrew prayers, set to (imo) beautiful a-capella arrangements.

The group’s name is Hevreh, and they’re from Brooklyn.

Now, I don’t know if they’re associated with the Synagogue that pops up on Google searches, but I know they’re not the same as the Hevreh Ensemble.

Anyone recognize them?

So I tried to find these guys again, with very little luck. I’d like to buy some of their CDs, if I can figure out who they are.

Does anyone have any idea?

Their name in Hebrew is Chet-vav-reysh-hey, Hevreh, but I can’t exactly search for that (among other reasons, no Hebrew on my keyboard/computer).

Shouldn’t that second letter be a ‘bet’?

Second letter, seccond letter!
(Why no edit option here?)

Yes, it should, but it’s not. I have no clue.

Anyway, I found them. They call themselves Chevra … silly Ashkenazim. grins

All of their music is only buyable in CDs at Judaica stores … or in Real Player format. Ick. Well, off to find Judaica stores local to me!