Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


Nope, sorry. Full playset of 4 and not a single one more. :/


I would just like to say that you can get some enjoyably broken effects with Hunger of the Mountain God.


I have one extra Seeing Red. Friend me in the game - I am Whiz.

When you build a deck and you know what cards you are missing than post it here. I will look to see if I have it. That is for anyone who needs cards. I may even have an extra rare here and there as I never sell mine.


All I need right now is 4x Seeing Reds and an Ashwood Apprentice.


No Ashwood Apprentice.

Let me know if you want the one Seeing red that I do have. Then you will only need 3! : )


I got lucky and caught a playset on the AH for like 2k gold total, so I’m covered, thanks!


Don’t suppose anyone has 3 Burns they don’t need?


I seem to have finished Adventure Zone 1 and I have no idea how to get to Adventure Zone 2, which as far as I can tell was released in December. What gives?


I think if you go back to your faction town you should get a quest that will take you there.


I didn’t know there was such a thing as a faction town…


It’s either the Ambling Mesa or the Cave-In depending on whether your character’s race is a member of the Ardent or Underworld alliances. There’s only the one town in the zone, but which town it is depends on that.


I have a bunch friend me in game - I am Whiz etc.


Already did, but maybe I did it wrong. I’ll try again.


Yeah, no dice at Ambling Mesa. I think it’s bugged.


Ah, I found the zone where you get the boat. Problem is I’d already crossed over and then come back because it was too difficult, so I guess the quest got completed and the zone wasn’t marked specially in any way after that. I was beginning to wonder if I’d hallucinated that whole bit.


Well, yeah, if you’ve already BEEN to zone 2, then you’ve already expended the breadcrumb trail. ;)

It probably wouldn’t hurt for them to identify the transition node a little more distinctly.


Set 6 (Scars of War) announced.: https://en.hex.gameforge.com/news.html#/?p=11102


A couple useful sources of decklists:

The Frost Ring Arena is no longer the number one gold farming spot, but it’s still the source of a bunch of PvE cards and equipment and you’ll still rack up plenty of gold in the process.

Here’s a few decks I particularly recommend:
Ethereal Aggro

This deck is crazy fast and consistent and can win against virtually any encounter in the Arena. The Ethereal Healers and their boots are vital - with the boots they interact to semi-regularly enter play before the match even starts and their lifedrain can then proc the others into play. Over and over, if necessary. Combine that with the Skittering Skarns providing +1 attack and speed to random troops and I’ve seen starting turns with 5/3 Speed Healers. Real nice. The Kindling Skarns and Quash Ridge Tuskers that are the biggest expenses in the deck are handy and can provide explosive growth but aren’t absolutely required for the engine to work - there’s a budget build that swaps in Savage Raiders and Gem Snatchers and is reputed to be comparable (I have the cards for the non-budget version, so I’ve never tried the budget build).

Unskilled’s Dwarf/Robot ship deck:

For the shipboard section of the Alachian Sea. You want to allocate ship talents to the crew section until it’s full, then whatever you like subsequently. These talents combine to create a deck where almost everything is free, you probably don’t even need resource draws, and you can play most of your hand turn 1 and have at least one 6/6 and possibly a heck of a lot more by turn 2. The Dread Technomancer and Technical Genius are absolutely required for the combo (the crew talents fish them into play at start of game). The Dreadling generation combos extremely well with things like War Machinist and equipped Warpsteel Widget, and make Assault cost lowering on Tanker Trunk and Siege Engine Gemini extremely fast. All of the rares in this deck except the Limestone are low value for Constructed play and so pretty cheap, but you don’t absolutely have to have the Siege Engine (I only had one going in) and since it’s a mono-color deck with extremely low resource needs you can easily substitute Ruby Shards for Limestones. (They just let you summon a Worker Bot if you already have the one ruby threshold you need.) This deck can defeat almost every encounter in the Sea although the Storm King can be an issue (very doable with a bit of luck, though) and The Old Man of the Sea is probably a no go.

Tarquin’s Count Davian deck:

This is a mercenary deck for the Count Davian vampire mercenary. He pretty much destroys most AZ1 encounters (there are a few that can stall him and he doesn’t stall well - like the hag and the human blockade) and seems notably useful into AZ2. Ethereal Healers and Hunger of the Mountain God are established power cards, but the rest of the list is substantially about being able to trade well: Death Cap can kill 2+ enemy blockers on its own, Minion and Disciple of Yazukan can come back from the grave, Sepulchra Maggot is lethal (with equip) and clones itself based on other deaths on the turn it’s played, Tezozo pops back into your deck and kills enemies when redrawn, the Poltergeist kills enemies from the beyond, and the Scroll of Yazukan generates beefy friends based on deaths. Why is this important? Two reasons: Count Davian’s charge power is to force one of his troops to battle a random enemy troop. Secondly, whenever an enemy troop dies against Davian, he has a 50% shot at turning them into a 2/2 Vampire (w/ lifedrain and flight), or, when upgraded, a Vampire Princess. Otherwise, he voids them and gets health. This is extremely powerful, if you can leverage it. The downside, of course, is that he loses 2 health a turn. So if you can’t keep him topped up with lifedrain or troop deaths, you’re hosed. But you almost always can! Rares in this deck aren’t too bad either, but there’s a budget version in the first link if you’d rather.

These have all worked wonders for me and been hilarious to play, so I thought I’d share.


For those who may not be paying attention to the main site, several big announcements today. Here’s an open letter from Cory Jones (head of Hex) about the lot:

Highlights include:

  1. As of the patch tomorrow Hex and Gameforge will be going their separate ways and Hex Entertainment will be self-publishing Hex. No details about why, but a bunch of players sure seem unhappy with Gameforge so I’m optimistic that this will be a good thing.
  2. Apparently Hex has cost over 25 million to develop so far (it raised roughly 2.3 million on Kickstarter, for some perspective).
  3. They will be doing a regular Sunday sealed tournament called the Clash with cash prizes as well as boosters, AAs, sleeves, and battle boards. And even if you don’t place you might get one of the latter three items as a door prize. (8 of each will be given out to random non-placing players.)
  4. They will now be selling cosmetics, the main example so far being PvE battle boards for use in PvP games.
  5. They will be selling a new Collector’s Deck with a few exclusive AA cards, an animated sleeve, and a gorgeous animated Sunsoul Phoenix AA card for $20.
  6. They will be adding a store tab called Chark Mart which will contain the cosmetics and also a Kismet’s Reserve pack for 30k gold a pop that drops various things including a unique sleeve, AA PvP cards, a couple of exclusive PvE cards and a Silver Talon mercenary. (As an aside, they keep introducing new gold sinks like I need them. I still have literally hundreds of chests to spin and 20-odd mercs to upgrade and now there’s going to be a 30k gold random pack? Goddamn it.)
  7. Oh yeah, set 6 (Scars of War) drops next Tuesday, 2/28.


Not anymore. I couldn’t figure out why I was only winning like half the time in the Arena with Ethereal Aggro…Ethereal Healers got nerfed into uselessness, sadly.

Still looking for a replacement deck. Dwarf-Robot Affinity is ok, but not nearly as sure a thing.