Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


Ooh, that is looking fantastic. My focus has always been more on the draft side of things with PvE as a nice bonus, but the video really drove home just how far beyond the “here’s a series of lightly themed duels” PvE model that the other games have done. Actively looking forward to it now.

Also, there are articles showing off some of set 2, including the new Tunneling mechanic.


Does anyone know of a good Hex deck example site? I want to copy a deck for each race and type to help teach myself the game. I am not familiar enough to know which sites give some of the best examples with reasonable card selections (not all legends and rares etc - decks that should not be hard to put together for basic play).

BTW, if I am playing a Rabbit deck what card should be included against flyers? Do they have anything to kill those things?


Not sure about sites. As for rabbits, wild has turbulence (2 shards, destroy target flyer) and blood has murder, but I generally see rabbits as not bothering with things like that (well, not turbulence, murder is an easy choice) and just playing more rabbits, buffing, and hitting the opponent in the face with them. On the other hand, I only play drafts, where that works fine for rabbits. I’m not sure if it carries over to constructed.


Here are a couple sites that run articles, through I’m not sure if there’s anything specifically focusing on casual / new decks:

And here are a couple sites with card/deck browsers – I think people can make decklists public and you can browse them.


As for your specific quandary, I agree with Outlandish that Plan A is generally to outrace flyers with the help of an Onslaught or other big buffs. If you want to take a slightly more controlling approach, Murder is a good universal answer, and Hop’hiro takes some ramp-up to get online, but can kill any troop that’s giving you trouble.


Thx to both of you!


If one forfeits from a booster draft do you still keep the cards?

What happens if you lose connectivity?


Yup, the cards you draft are yours to keep. That’s why 3 booster packs (or the equivalent price) are part of the entry fee – you’re essentially opening packs you own, and you get the keep the cards you pick.


I drafted but opened a legendary in my first pack. So I went for all rares etc and forfeited.

Did not get any of the cards.

I am hoping they show up in 24 hours or something. Not sure if this is working correctly in the beta or not.

I did put in a support ticket.


You might not get them until the tourney’s over.


Yes, that seems to be what happened. I did get the cards the moment I answered your note. Though that tourney took a long time apparently. :)


No more VIPs: https://hextcg.com/vip-program-update/


That’s a separate program from the kickstarter tiers like Pro Player/King/Champion/Raid Leader?


Yes, it was separate, though all the Kickstarter tiers get a couple months of VIP for free. it was a soft-subscription model, where you could sign up to automatically pay $4 / month, which got you 4 booster packs (for half the price they sell in the store) and entry into an exclusive tournament. They dropped it because it would be too easy to create lots of accounts with subscriptions and funnel all the packs onto the auction house to make a profit. It’s too bad that exploitation potential forced them to drop a feature, but honestly, I feel better about the price of boosters just being fixed rather than having to worry about getting a bad deal by buying them the “wrong” way.


I’m uncomfortable with this framing:

Just focus on making a fun game. I don’t want to hear about protecting our investment in virtual collectables.


You may not care about the value of your virtual collectibles (neither do I, really), but I assure you a big chunk of virtual TCG players care enormously, and I recall it being a major subject of discussion on the Kickstarter while it was in progress.


Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Some people care very, very much. And when you’re making this sort of game, you need to protect those sort of folks.


Exactly. I’m much more of a player than a collector (and much more of a limited-format than constructed-format player). The value of my own collection isn’t a particular point of concern for me, but I want for there to be a healthy community and a steady stream of new content a couple years down the road, and protecting the economy/business model of the game is necessary for that to happen.


They’ve dropped the key requirement and started allowing people to just freely sign up for beta access. While they’re torturing language by refusing to call this Open Beta, it still represents a pretty good time to jump in and check out the game. The interface has just had a substantial polish pass, starter deck trials are a decent intro, draft tournaments are fun and stable, and if you start now you’ll be primed for the new set and the first batch of PvE content, both of which are supposedly coming soon.


…zzz… snortle “wha… oh, they updated it? Is PvE in yet? No? Well then wake me up in another year.” …zzz…


Backing this remains my largest Kickstarter regret and I’m a fan of magic and hearth stone.