Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


Because you still might want to play cards with a basic speed after the combat resolves. I guess it might be jarring coming from a simpler game like Hearthstone that massively restricts interactivity in favor of speed and streamlining, but as someone who’s coming from a Magic the Gathering background (and videogame implementation thereof), it’s actually faster and more elegant than that while retaining the same degree (if not more so) of tricks you can pull.


We just crowned our first world champion, woo!

Link has winners name in it

Sorry, just saw the thread bump right after that happened so I wanted to crow a bit. We can now return to our regular non-transparent-shilling.

Chris Woods


I solved it a while back, actually, but I might as well mention that I think what was causing Hex to crash was an orphaned second install of the game in a different spot and probably from an earlier version.

I was just kind of proceeding in maintenance mode for a while here - couldn’t seem to get a campaign deck together that was reliably successful, tried netdecking a cheap arena deck or two to grind gold and equipment (and some of the early run of PvE cards, for that matter) but couldn’t seem to get that to perform at perfect or near perfect standards the way they were advertised either, presumably because I didn’t have the equipment they wanted (and not necessarily all the rares/legendaries they wanted either). Because while I have a huge card pool from KS rewards and drafting, the only equipment I’d gotten was the KS bonuses and a little tiny bit from campaign and arena runs in the past, and a couple from chests. But I don’t like opening my hundreds of chests without spinning them and even spinning common chests is a drain on the limited gold I’ve had access to without being able to do consistent arena/campaign clears. Most people would just go to the auction house, spend a little more cash and fix things that way. I’ve been reluctant because I a) hate auctions, b) hate player economies and c) already spent $500 on this thing.

This weekend, though, I finally got a capable Shin’hare deck together for my cleric, based loosely on this: http://fiveshards.com/next-level-pve-decks/#Shin8217hare_Cleric_8211_Mokog

I had to tweak it because I don’t have the Chef, Mon’suun, the Cottontail Recruiter, the Bucktooth Roshi, or the Engorgers, and I have hardly any of the equipment. But I do have a full playset of Vampire Kings, a full playset of Darad the Scourgeblade, a Minion of Yazukan and one or two other shinies. So I slapped in one each of the Vampire King and Scourgeblade, the Minion, a Wretched Brood, and I think one or two other handy fellows and used equips for Blossoming Concubunny, Feeding the Young Ones, and the two for the Scourgeblade, since I had them. Sometimes I chip my way to victory with pumped up Hopper hordes, sometimes I rock big swinging Commanders and Keepers, sometimes Uzume spawns a bunch of fancy doubled Shin’hare thanks to the Ritualist, sometimes I chain sacrifice Hoppers to Hop’hiro until his Warlord stage and then it’s a total board clear in the next couple turns, occasionally I chip away with my Vampire King and Scourgeblade… I have won so many different ways off just this one deck, particularly when the encounter synergizes nicely (like the one where you get prophesies off every troop that comes into play). Love it love it love it. Made it to level 5 over the weekend and cleared the first couple of dungeons without a single life lost. Then I ran into the Makeshift Barricade and that was a total roadblock. Even with 28 health there’s no room to build board position while being hit for 3 every single turn, and those walls mean there’s no way to get early chip damage through, and of course Kill fails me as well. Probably going to have to swap them out for Wild artifact removal and make a couple other tweaks.

Then I got a dwarf artifact aggro deck into a couple perfect tier 2 arena clears (with Princess Cory the boss both times - what a hilarious fight), with good success on tier 3 until hitting Xarlox the Broodlord. And that guy…that guy I miiiiight be able to beat with the right opening hand, especially if his draws sucked…but I sure wasn’t managing it today. Especially not after our friendly arena overseer gave him a free extra turn both times I fought him in the first run and an extra 7 health and 2 card draw both times I fought him the second run. Yeesh. On the plus side, that deck is hilariously effective even in very low resource situations. I rarely got above 3, occasionally four resources and made pretty respectable showings even at one. And I didn’t even have the Reese the Crustcrawler (currently one of the most expensive legendaries in the game), VB1311s, or Construct Guild Foreman that the original deck called for (I subbed in a couple Rocket Rangers, which work quite well, and a Crown of the Primals, Eurig the Robomancer, and Slaughtergear that have basically never seen action and I should probably ditch even though they are hilarious.)

I’m loving it enough at this point that I think I’ll probably just invest in some of the cheaper rares/legendaries that these decks are calling for and to heck with it. Realizing that aside from a few power cards like Phenteo (so happy I got one from my KS packs), Mon’suun, Vampire King (four natural pack draws!) and Reese, most of these cards are selling for $5 or less, and the equipment for mere cents most of the time, made that a lot more palatable.


Just picked this up on Steam. Is the only way to buy packs with plat/real money?


You can buy them on the auction house for gold (or trade gold for platinum directly). Unless you want to participate in draft/sealed games, though, you get PvP commons in the PvE packs and any uncommon and up you need you would probably be better off buying directly, assuming money to be a concern. Also a lot of folks will have tons of extra commons and uncommon and may be willing to just give you some.


Yeah, I’m just looking to spend no real money unless I find myself really, [I]really[/I] digging the game. I’m definitely looking to try out tournaments (which I assume draft/sealed are?), but unless there are beginner ones, not until I play a bunch more.


I kickstarted this and only just remembered that I had. I don’t remember getting any emails saying ‘here is your code’, just a lot of emails marked ‘update’. The problem is, I’ve since changed email addresses and can’t access my old mail. I’ve put in a support ticket but I’m doubting my chances of success.


Draft is a type of tournament where you build a minimum-40-card deck by drafting one card at a time from a total of three boosters worth of cards (all eight tournament members contribute three packs, plus there’s a $1 entry ticket, so they rotate around as you draft), and fill out with as many generic resources as you want. Sealed has you go in with six sealed boosters and build the best deck you can out of that. (I haven’t done any sealed tournaments myself and I only draft because I have a free draft every week for life from the KS, so I’m shaky on the details.) You don’t get any tangible reward from just playing against random folks, but you may get boosters from doing well at the tournaments, depending. The main free content is the singleplayer stuff, though, and that I think is where Hex really shines - and stands apart from games like Hearthstone, for that matter.

Not having access to the old email would definitely be a snag, and I bet they’re getting hammered with the Hex launch, but they seem pretty responsive so hopefully.


PS: The starter bundle they introduced with the Steam launch is an okay deal at the current price - 6 packs across the three sets, so you’re paying list price for those, and then you get a smattering of cheap equipment, a little bit of dust, like a quest or two’s worth of gold, and a sleeve as bonuses. At the full asking price it would not be a great buy. But it turned out to be a pretty good deal for me…


A primal pack! Woo-hoo! That was some good luck!


I only ended up with, I dunno, like five out of all my KS rewards (for reference, that’s over 200 packs including a guaranteed primal) so to get one off the six packs the starter bundle gives was hilariously lucky.


Haha, so I used TCG Browser’s Hex API sync tool (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/tools/sync) to import my collection into it.

I have 7725 cards. I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of collection in any TCG, period, and Hex is still in early days. Super not regretting that Grand King tier. But yeah, I think it’s clear that I am in no way qualified to evaluate how Hex is as a newbie/F2P experience.


I hate to be that guy but does any vet have some spare cards? Thus far I’m digging Vennen and purple/blue cards, especially ones that manipulate opposing decks by adding spiders and stuff.


What’s your in-game name? I’ve got plenty of spares of most commons and uncommons.


Same as here: Elhokar.



I’ve been wanting to try this game, so now that’s it’s out on Steam – is there any advantage to playing through Steam vs. just downloading the standalone client directly from the dev? Any pros/cons either way?


I don’t think there’s a difference.


I am wondering if I download it from Steam if it would work on the Steam link. I did try placing the stand alone client in Steam but it would not work over the link.


Briefly you got less platinum for paying through Steam than directly, but they changed that already and will be reimbursing anyone who got the lower rate. Now that that’s resolved, I think the main difference (besides the usual Steam stuff like playtime tracking, easy screenshotting, etc) is that once you log in to your Hex account through Steam, you don’t have to enter that info again. It does still prompt you to put in an authenticator code if you’re using it (works with Google Authenticator). For me that alone is worth using the Steam version. ;P


If you use the standalone client, do you have to manually login every time you launch the game? I can see how that could get old…