Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


I believe you have to enter your password every time. If you already use Steam normally I really don’t see why you’d use the standalone.


I uninstalled the stand alone client and installed through Steam. It will open on the link though not sure how practical to pay on the TV with my old eyes.

It is a bit of a pain using the authenticator because the field is not auto focused. I have to click on the field in order to type the code and on top of that the enter key will not work. You have to use the mouse to hit confirm. I hope they adjust that a bit. Not the end of the world but it would be better if you could type the code immediately, hit enter and start playing.


I don’t think I’m cut out to play card games that require/include having resources actually in the deck. Every [I]single fuckin’ game[/I] I’ve either got a hand full of resources or a hand of none. Every. single. game.


That’s definitely the bane of all games following the MtG formula. I really miss the WoW:TcG version where any card could be played as a resource. Having said that though, HEX definitely is less tough than Magic on it. Due to the way threshold works it’s harder to get color screwed unless you build with too many double and triple threshold requirements on cards. Also with the way charges work you still get value out of having ‘too many’ resources/land. Because of this it’s better to error on the heavy resource side which in magic screws you over too much.


Or you can build decks that are okay with being resource poor. I’ve won quite a few arena matches with a dwarf/robot deck while at 2 or so resources, and someone built an orc deck that’s almost all 1 cost and has perfect cleared the arena. But yes, the resource model is my single biggest complaint about Hex, and in Magic it’s so bad it utterly ruined the game for me.


Send me an email at chris.woods@hextcg.com with the email address you used to make the KS pledge and your login name for the game (also an email address if you use the non-steam version, or just your steam uid if you use the steam one.) and I’ll try to figure it all out.

This also goes for anyone else who was in the KS but never got their stuff. We have a good number of KS backers who might have gotten lost over the years and would really like to make sure they get their things.

Chris Woods


Me, too, brother. It’s amazing how much those few seconds add up when you’re trying to jump in for a few quick games.

Most of my decks operate quite well with three resources, and I still find myself getting screwed or flooded way too often. I keep my resources around a max of 24. I find that much less than that greatly increases my screw rate, but I’m still getting flooded, say, 20% of the time.

There’s nothing more infuriating than losing a perfect tier in the Arena because I’ve drawn six resources in a row. Am I doing it wrong?


You get a free mulligan in Arena and campaign both these days, which should help. But no, doesn’t sound like it. Most net decks I see are right around 24 resources (assuming dual shard, at least). That dwarf deck is down around 18-20, IIRC, but like I say it is fully capable of winning on 2 so screw isn’t so bad.


Set 4, Primal Dawn is up and available and full of awesome. There is also an upcoming event (starting 5/2) where you will get an exclusive sleeve for logging in, an alternate art bird for participating in tournaments and an exclusive PvE card or one of its two equipment pieces per dungeon completion in the campaign. And then a Primal Dawn launch celebration (starting friday) that gives out more tournament rewards. And a new “evolving sealed gauntlet” tournament type, which everyone who’s played in the last 30 days gets a free entry ticket for.


Just sent you some stuff. Feel free to ask for others if there’s something you want to try out. I was going to try to send more, but the mail attachment interface is a bit rough, so I just kept it to mainly vennen/spider themed stuff so it wouldn’t take forever.


Thanks a ton!

General question for anyone: I know in some card games having the non-max amount of a card is considered inconsistent, but what about HEX? There are a lot of cards I want to play, but I imagine having a 60-card deck with a bunch of 2-ofs might not be good.


The same principle applies: Whatever you want your deck to do, it’s best to try and do it as consistently as possible. If you make the decision that card X is more likely to be helpful than card Y, it’s usually better to maximize your chances of drawing it than to hedge your bets.

That said, it’s not an absolute rule, and is mainly important when you’re playing competitively and trying to optimize your deck as much as humanly possible. There are several circumstances where running less than 4 of a card makes sense:

-If a card is helpful but not critical for your deck, and you don’t actually want to draw more than one at a time (such as narrow answers or unique troops).
-If you’re building up familiarity with the game, or experimenting to see how a particular deck plays, running a mix can let you see how each of the candidates works out for you in actual play.
-If you have some way to fish through your deck for a particular card that you don’t need in a hurry, you can take your time drawing it.
-One reason that’s more specific to Hex is that the game can enforce specific deckbuilding restrictions based on individual cards, some of which may help push for variety over consistency. For example:


Also, campaign enforces shard and rarity restrictions on your deck composition based on your character’s race. A starting deck straight up can’t include more than one of any given rare or legendary, for example.


Hell yeah. Finally cleared Arena including a surprisingly straightforward win against Xarlox, my prior nemesis, and while I didn’t get a perfect clear (one tier 4 encounter and Uzume both cost me lives), I did get two perfect tiers, roughly 9K gold and something like 14 rewards (I’m a Grand King so I have the Dungeon Crawler double loot). I don’t know what they were because the game glitched past the reward screen but I am reasonably sure I received them. My equipment count was up by a fair bit. There were no PvE cards marked New but I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t get any (seems unlikely) or they just weren’t marked.

Also finally managed to push past that damn blockade in campaign with my Shin’hare Cleric (after like six tries) and of course everything past it has been way easier. The combination of automatic damage to my champion, 3 0/5 blockers, a champion power that’s specifically built to clear the board and needing to do a major knockout punch or get swarmed by weenies is a really, really bad scene for a Shin’hare horde deck. I swapped in some specific artifact removal to clear the walls but still had to get lucky. I will say, Oberon’s Eulogy is frigging incredible in this deck, though. I figured it would be, but, yeah, that sucker delivers. (It’s a 5 cost legendary Wild constant that, whenever a troop enters play under your control, grants that troop +X/+X where X is the number of troops in your crypt. Battle hoppers that spawn count as troops entering play. Battle hoppers that are brutally sacrificed for the Emperor count as troops in your crypt. Cue scenarios where you’re generating like six 6/7 bunnies a turn. And that’s a tame version.)


Just a reminder, the Feast of Abundance starts today and goes through the 16th at 9:59 AM PDT. Log in for a sleeve, participate in tournaments for the Cheery Songbird AA, finish campaign dungeons (including Crayburn Castle, if you’re so inclined) for copies of Symeon’s Bounty or equipment for it or the Fruit of Symeon cards it spawns.


Well, just received an email saying my $250 backed account had been deleted. Go to forums, some law change which no one bothered to email me about. Try contacting customer support as suggested in forums, but apparently this password doesn’t work with this forum and this password that you just updated doesn’t work with customer support and long and short I’m not going to bother trying to get back but they dang sure aren’t getting another penny of my money ever. I guess the $250 is all they feel they could fleece me for.


It wasn’t up to them, and they sent out warning emails awhile back and I think people posted in most forums about it too. It definitely sucks, but they did what they could to prevent it imo. It was a country law requiring them to re-get consent to keep your info or they are required to delete all information they have including the account. They tried to make sure people who paid had warning.

If you were out of it enough to not see any of the warnings, you probably weren’t goign to play much anyway though it obviously still blows to lose the investment. Not sure what more they could have done, their hands seemed tied. If you got an email telling you it was deleted, you should have also had the email warning you that action was required.


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/hex-mmo-trading-card-game/posts/1566551 here was the forum notice that should have been accompanied with an email. If you had fired up the client at any time after Nov 2015 you would have been ok, that’s a long time to do nothing with a $250 investment anyway.

I found this quote from a dev 'For anyone that feels that their accounts were deleted in error, I know this is frustrating but please know that this is not the end and your accounts can be restored.

For now, please send a ticket to support.hextcg.com/ and once we know how to start any restoration processes we will be very glad to assist you.

I must inform you however, that right now it might take a while before you get a reply - however you will get a reply.

There was a mail sent out recently informing everyone that this was happening. ’

So hopefully you can get your stuff back. (btw, the update I posted was also posted to Kickstarter as an update and if you were a kickstarter backer you should have also received a notification of that one)

edit: also this '
More information:

The deleting process has been halted and all affected accounts will be reverted. This process might take a while, but your accounts will be returned to normal status soon.


They sent out a Kickstarter update to warn people, not emails. Apparently a lot of people either had those muted or ignored them, and they did have people’s email addresses, so I don’t think it’s unfair to suggest they should have done at least one round of warning emails. And I think they know that, which is why they’re reversing it for now. I’d recommend logging in either now or once your account is reverted, though, assuming you intend to keep the account. It really is a legal issue that I would expect to come up again, just hopefully with more warning this time.


It really is curious why they didn’t use their email database to send out the warning. I’m sure they get data on accounts that have not seen activity in a long time, so I would think they would know that this problem would be coming if they just went the online route. Even the Kickstarter update was posted just six days before the deadline.