Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


It is interesting that German law requires an ok from people for them to retain the account data, but not on any backups of the data. Thank goodness or the situation would be much worse.


At least a handful of people received the emails and have shown them, so they did send out emails (and they said they did as well). Quite glad the access to backups is still there, I’m guessing they have a window that those can be kept if not readily accessible.


I also didn’t receive an email and got my Kickstarter account deleted.

Fortunately(?), the problem was so wide-spread that they reversed the whole purge for now so everyone should have their accounts back. You still need to login using the game client and accept the new ToS or your account will be re-deleted at some point in the future.


Same, didn’t get an email. Was only moderately pissed at losing $50, but glad to hear they’ve gone back on it.

Now, where to download this client you speak of, heh…


Hey all,

Just to reiterate GameForge is suspending the account deletion for a bit due to all the confusion, but despite that I’ve got a personal backup of every account that is affected on my drive. The reason we can do this is GameForge is a German company, so they have to obey German law, but Cryptozoic is an American company so we don’t. Hence, they can’t have your account information 6 months after the ToS change, but we at Crypto can.

So, we have a backup that we’ll keep basically until the day we die. If in 5 years you want your account restored we will still have that information available.

I won’t pretend to understand what it is about German law that induced all of this. I find it all very confusing, to be honest, but I guarantee we’re not going to lose any of your data.

Chris Woods


I train recruiting software and the same problem exists. A German company can not keep resumes on file after a certain amount of time. I like that privacy matters but one of the problems is that if you apply thinking that they are still reviewing their database of resumes and can consider you for a position that opens, it will depend on how much time has passed.


Yeah, it’s all about privacy matters. They’re trying to protect their citizens, but in reality it means their citizens’ information get lost. The bad guys won’t comply, and the good guys lose their ability to serve customers well. In an age where we have decades-long relationships with technology companies and where user accounts and data are involved, these requirements only hurt the same citizens the laws are meant to protect. Another case of poor execution against a noble idea.


So, a few big changes - they’ve reorganized the main screen, killed Swiss draft and a couple other tournament formats, removed scheduled tournaments for the time being, and introduced ladder play with rewards including gold, sleeves, and Primal Dawn packs, plus a few other goodies.

Also, for those of you that backed the game at King ($100) or up, the Spectral Oak(s) are now in and you get a Spectral Acorn per Oak per day you log in. (I have two for some reason. I guess that must have been a perk of being a Grand King that I forgot about.)


Yes, I believe grand kings are supposed to get two Spectral Oaks. I know I have seen that mentioned in the official forums. They are not allowing the combination of 4 squirrels back into an acorn as the original Kickstarter stated it would work but that may come about when crafting is introduced.


Note that this year’s Convocation has started. You will get Convocation packs for achieving certain feats in tournaments (most notably, one just for participating in draft tournaments), or there is a 50% chance of one being awarded per successful run of the Tranquil Dream or faction-specific dungeons and a 100% chance of one being awarded per successful run of the Smoldering Dead or Devonshire Keep dungeons. You get various fungus related cards and their equipment from these packs, and none of this is available from any other source (apart from going to GenCon and participating in Hex events there). This will last through next Thursday.


Stuff like this is why I love Hex:


I’m using a variant of this deck: http://gamediplomat.com/hex-pve-deck-the-unkillable-coyotle-cleric/
I don’t have all the PvE cards that are called for (since, among other things, I haven’t played a coyotle before), and I’m not level 9 yet so I can’t stack legendaries (or rares, at the time of screenshot), so I’ve substituted a few cards (Kraken Guard Seapriest, Ghost Walker, the Chimera Guard Officer I think it’s called (1D Human Cleric that can exhaust and pay 1 resource to gain one health), a couple Incantations of Righteousness), but it works great anyway. Stupid great sometimes, as you can see from the screenshot.


What cards are you missing?


I only have one Ardent Recruiter at the moment, and I appear to have end-run around the particular quest reward that gives Prophet of the Sun. I’m not generally too worried about acquiring anything that drops or is rewarded in the campaign, since that’s mostly easy enough to farm. (Okay, the legendaries not so much but on the other hand they mostly seem to be high cost enough to be non-essential.) Even Arena drops I’m not inclined to buy/trade for unless I absolutely need to for a reliable Arena deck, since they should be reasonably accessible (except maybe for the Leeching Burrower - I have one but apparently they used to drop regularly and are now an Uruunaz reward and I have yet to see him, much less beat him) with some farming. Chest/wheel of fate loot, on the other hand…


PM your Hex in game name to me.


I assume you’re planning to give me the cards I’m missing? I appreciate the thought but I’d recommend saving those to give to someone trying to free-play. Or at least someone that’s not a Grand King sitting on nearly 9000 cards. :)

Even with all of that I have plenty of gaps in my collection, of course, but since I get double dungeon/arena rewards it’s much easier for me to farm anything that drops in those than anyone who doesn’t have the Dungeon Crawler bonus. I just hadn’t run that particular dungeon yet since I’ve been playing mainly Underworld. And honestly, I have a copy of both the Recruiter and the Prophet now and I am not feeling like the deck really needs either. Dropping the costs of troops is nice and all, but you have Howling Braves and Feralroot Druids to pump resources and not that many of them are expensive (plus if you can keep Sight of the Sun up, decreasing costs can actually hurt you, if mildly). And the Prophet’s a good value cleric, but with most of the deck pre-Lifedrain equipped from the cleric affinity talent and the deck having exactly zero other prophesy synergy, I’m not convinced he’s better than, say, the Incantations of Righteousness I’m running that the deck didn’t call for.

FWIW, I’ve lost exactly three fights so far with this character/deck combo. One was just utter shard screw (almost all diamond cards, all wild resources drawn), one was a Chained Goliath encounter where I couldn’t draw anything that would pump my offense to the point where I could kill him before he could trigger, and one was the zombie barricade where, again, I just couldn’t quite draw into any of the many combos on offer (especially with their removal). All of them died horribly to a rematch.


I was going to send you three leech burrowers since I have 10 of them. :)

I mainly play my Rabbit Cleric deck to farm (he is level 9).

I have a bunch other characters but have a hard time in the last dungeon beating the boss. I am so busy at work l/ately tatt I jsut do not have tthe time to run them all through Devonshire.

I just won a Chronic Madness AA card in the convocation.


Ohhh! Well, I’d happily accept those. :)

My in-game name is Gorgoroth. And yeah, Wiktor’s an asshole. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to get the Shin’hare deck that’s been my mainstay up to this weekend past him because of that frigging Spitfire Elemental combined with his insane aggro. Normally bunnies can chump block to stay alive long enough to get the power troops into play, but with the Elemental pinging the whole playing field all the chump blockers and combo building blocks are just immediately dead. I’m sure I can run something less bunny-themed with the character and all, but it’s annoying.


So, an Empowered Mesa Totemist starts as a 2/8. All buffs depicted below are temporary for that turn:

Also note that the highest starting health I think I’ve seen on any opponent to date is maybe 50? I mean, if they have lifedrain (like I do here), it might get higher. But still.


Set 5 Herofall has gone live.


The second chapter of Hex’s campaign drops in a few hours. A bunch of details conveniently linked here:

But a general summary:

  1. New adventure zone with putatively something like double the content of the first including four new, more complex dungeons.
  2. New class: ranger
  3. New level cap of 15 w/ second tier of talents and class-specific gems.
  4. Mercenaries will finally be in - collectible, tradable PvE-specific champions that can be upgraded once each (across your whole account) , have their own unique powers including a passive power when they’re in your party even if you’re not using them in a battle, have their own deck slot with their own unique deckbuilding restrictions, etc. Presumably KS mercenaries will be issued along with this update.
  5. Account levelling, which will reward XP for any matches you play in any mode and periodically reward card packs and tickets for various limited formats to try and encourage free players into that side of things.
  6. Two more character slots
  7. No dungeon lives anymore (and talent changes to reflect this), though there will be a bonus for a perfect run.
  8. UI improvements across several spots.
  9. Classic draft being replaced by drafting in a group but then playing the matches in the gauntlet format they pioneered with constructed, sealed and evolution.
  10. Starting hands being tweaked behind the scenes to seamlessly discard the most egregious shard screw/glut hands for your particular deck composition, ideally to reduce the number of games lost to pure bad luck on the opening draw without being too abusable in actual deck construction. This is my absolute biggest problem with the game’s resource system and this sounds like a decent fix.