Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


This is the one that has me the most excited, especially since it means a free gauntlet each week with my Pro Player status. No more rare drafting for me! Mostly.


I will probably still rare draft more often than not because I’m just not in it for the PvP, but not having to potentially commit 4+ hours straight to the tournament (with plenty of downtime) is definitely one major disincentive removed. On the other hand, having to win twice to get any sort of payout will probably rule me out of ever getting anything.


New to the game… can someone explain why some cards in my deck building interface seem to be ‘grayed out’? They are still listed as in my collection and I can still put them in a deck.



See that grid in the lower right hand corner? That’s called the shard grid, and it limits what you can put in your deck. That character can have 3 copies of commons, 3 copies of uncommons, 1 copy of each rare, and 1 copy of each legendary in the blood and ruby shards. They can also have one copy each of any wild card and 2/2/1/1 respectively of shardless cards like artifacts and constants. They used to just hide the cards you couldn’t add any more of but people thought the cards were missing, I think. And you can still add them to the deck but it won’t let you use that deck until you drop back to the limit.

Second edit: that’s purely a campaign thing - the Frost Ring Arena will let you have four of anything in a deck, and PvP will let you have four of any PvP card. And you’ll get less limited as the character levels.


Am I gonna get to play blue and white cards at some point, as my character progress, or something?


I believe you eventually get some access to them, but if you want to make a sapphire and diamond heavy deck you would be better off playing a race that has strong access to those shards - I think human or coyotle do but I don’t swear to it. Orcs are mainly ruby and blood in the cards and so they’re mainly ruby and blood in their shard grid.


So, let’s say I decide I want to give this game a real shot and I still have like 32 or 35 boosters of Set 1, and my understanding is that Set 1 is rotating out. What should I do with em? Sell off the boosters now for platinum and buy singles from newer sets? Or crack em and hope I get something valuable?


The old boosters are valuable for cards you could use in PVE depending what you would get of course. All sets can always be used in PVE play. I do not think they are worth that much since a lot of kickstarter backers had so many packs. So the packs might be worth opening and if you only get one good card here and there you could sell them individually.

You could ask for advice on the official forums to see if they think the packs are worth selling vs opening.


Depends on whether you want to play competitively with them or you’d be focusing more on PvE. If you want to play in PvE, probably just open them. The cards will still be good forever in that mode, and you long since stopped being able to draft with them. And like geewhiz says, there were an absolute ton of set 1 packs generated by KS backers. And you might get lucky. A few set 1 cards are still fairly valuable, like Vampire King (which I managed to open a full playset of from my KS packs - the only really good card I ever got in that quantity).

But if you’d mostly be playing competitively, eh. Hard to say what you’d get for them sealed, but either way they’re not going to be any good for main-line competitive play soon and opening is very much a gamble that you’d get singles more valuable than the packs.


Thanks for the advice, guys.

I’ve been assiduously flogging my Shards of Fate boosters this weekend. I’m down to around 15 now, having made 2800p or so and 100,000-ish gold.

I cracked a couple of packs just for the fun of it, but I’m finding that non-chase rares don’t move at all on the AH. In fact, the whole game has the feeling of being largely abandoned. PVP matches take forever to pop. I guess I’ll just sell the rest, hold onto my platinum and wait for Set 6 and see if the audience returns.


So I’ve acquired all this dust but I have no idea how to craft cards and the wiki that I could find online is useless. Can you craft cards? If not, what is the dust for?


Crafting hasn’t made it into the game yet. Dust is for unlocking alternate art or extended art that covers the whole card.


The auction house sucks and one of the ways it sucks is having to manually repost every single thing you want to sell every 48 hours. Someone would probably buy them eventually if you keep it up. I know I semi-routinely go look for obscure shit called for by some deck or other I’ve found on the boards and if I don’t buy up a playset it’s because not enough people are selling whatever it is. (or are posting a troll price, like when I was looking for Stingy Jack’s Scarecrow Scythe equipment and the only two on the AH were pitched at 2,000,000 plat). But I would guess that set 1 has lower uptake overall between the sheer number of packs that were generated, the fact that it’s going to rotate soon, and the more scattershot nature of the design. And it looks like most of the good cards from that set (Vampire King aside) have sufficiently exited the meta that they don’t sell for much anymore. (Time for me to stock up!)

Drafting and evo gauntlet are the main PvP formats people play, I think, and you need to have unopened set 5 boosters for those or an equivalent amount of plat. (Or, come set 6, probably set 5 and 6). But I dunno, the selling point of the game is PvE, to me. And there’s clearly a bunch of people playing that.


Just got started on this. Really hits the sweet spot in between Hearthstone and MTG. May very well spend money on down the line.


Looks like someone’s decided to clear out the AH of Set 1 packs. Even the Primal packs are few now. I’m gonna put some up for 250p and see if they sell :-)


If you haven’t tried it, the PvE is quite good. I went in with low expectations, but they exceeded them by quite a bit. It’s not exactly Shandalar reborn, but it’s good.

Also I’ve done one Evo Gauntlet now and that was a blast. I’ll probably focus on that going forward, because it’s a good way to get some cards, you still have a chance to roll a Primal pack, and I don’t expect I’ll ever be willing to spend enough to have the cards required to compete in Constructed.


I mean, it’s definitely not as freewheeling as Shandalar was, and you don’t have (or at least, can easily buy your way out of) the feeling of scraping together a viable deck or set of decks out of random scraps, but for my money it’s more interesting in a lot of other ways. And there’s still a bunch of stuff in the works, like raids and guilds and strongholds.


I miss the old Shandalar. I still have my disks. And I know there are a bunch of files that I can download to get it working again, just too lazy I guess.


As much as I like this game, I think what’s going to end up driving me away is the Auction House and deckbuilder. How those went out to release and haven’t been fixed in three years is hard to believe. It’s basically impossible to buy commons since no-one wants fight through the horrible auction house UI to post a bunch for 50 or 100g each, because it’s just not worth their time. So minimum price on commons is 4p, which is way way too much and no-one buys them.

It’s really unbelievable that they’re releasing new sets and adventure zones and not bothering to get the basics right. This company is no Blizzard, that’s for sure.


They have actually made several meaningful tweaks to the deckbuilder and maybe it’s just Stockholm syndrome but at this point I think it’s mostly fine. The main thing I want is to be able to import decks from one character to another, and/or from deckbuilding websites. The auction house, though. Boy. There is just no excuse for that thing. If there are particular commons you’d like, though, I’m sure I am not the only one here who would cheerfully just give you some.