Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


Yep, I certainly have plenty I can donate.


I’d appreciate it mightily. I don’t want to present a shopping list, but any commons you have to spare would be incredibly welcome (especially Ruby and Blood for a cheapo arena deck…Ashwood Soloists/Apprentice and Deathmask Assailants being especially difficult to find). Ironically some of the more difficult cards to find are commons.

My nick is Cathexis, for some reason. Thanks!


A shopping list would actually be helpful - I for one have extras of almost every common in the game and the mail attachment interface is basically the auction posting interface, so I can give you your top priorities but doing a complete rundown of my spares ain’t happening. :)


Oh dear God, really? Then no need to go out of your way. I’m hardly poor. I just hate paying 4 cents for something that should cost half a penny :-)

Though if you have some Deathmask Assailants going spare, I’d take a playset of those!


I think I do. I will check when I get home.

Nope, only 2 spares. I’ll send them anyway. And a full set of Ashwood Soloist. Only have a playset of the Apprentice, sadly.


Got em, thanks!


I don’t suppose you have any extras of Seeing Red. Those appear to be hard to get at any price.


Nope, sorry. Full playset of 4 and not a single one more. :/


I would just like to say that you can get some enjoyably broken effects with Hunger of the Mountain God.


I have one extra Seeing Red. Friend me in the game - I am Whiz.

When you build a deck and you know what cards you are missing than post it here. I will look to see if I have it. That is for anyone who needs cards. I may even have an extra rare here and there as I never sell mine.


All I need right now is 4x Seeing Reds and an Ashwood Apprentice.


No Ashwood Apprentice.

Let me know if you want the one Seeing red that I do have. Then you will only need 3! : )


I got lucky and caught a playset on the AH for like 2k gold total, so I’m covered, thanks!


Don’t suppose anyone has 3 Burns they don’t need?


I seem to have finished Adventure Zone 1 and I have no idea how to get to Adventure Zone 2, which as far as I can tell was released in December. What gives?


I think if you go back to your faction town you should get a quest that will take you there.


I didn’t know there was such a thing as a faction town…


It’s either the Ambling Mesa or the Cave-In depending on whether your character’s race is a member of the Ardent or Underworld alliances. There’s only the one town in the zone, but which town it is depends on that.


I have a bunch friend me in game - I am Whiz etc.


Already did, but maybe I did it wrong. I’ll try again.