Hexic strategies?

I guess at this stage most folks with a 360 will have spent a little time with Hexic at this stage. I’ve noticed from a few of the other threads around that some people are really into it. Well ever since I shelved Condemned and settled into the wait for DOA4 I’ve been playing the hell out of it.
There was a minor ‘moment’ there when after a while playing I was starting to get sick of it, mainly because of the repetitive music, and since there was no in-game option for a custom sountrack I was thinking of putting it down. Ever since finding the dashboard music option though it’s taken on a whole new lease on life.

So what strategies are people using in Marathon games? I’m currently trying to make a flower with six black pearls and I can see it’s probably going to take me weeks. The most I’ve managed to get so far is three at once, and pretty soon after that the bombs generally do me in. Anyone have any tips on keeping the flowers coming during later levels?

At the moment I start making flowers right from the very first move. As soon as I get six I maneuver them around the board, in two’s or three’s, to make a pearl and then just let it sit at the bottom… the pearls being kind of crap really. Are/aren’t they???
When I do have flowers on the board I use them to juggle hexes around, passing them from one flower to another to try and get them into a circle. I do tend to get rid of the flowers as soon as I can though to prevent groups of them accidentally falling together. This has been working like a charm so far, but for lengthy Marathon games is this the right track?.. or am I doing something horribly inefficient here?

What about when creating flowers in the first place, do you usually just find a partial one and keep them twisting around it until things fall into place? Or do you try a few combinations and then just abandon it if it’s not working out?

So, any Hexic players around, what’s your story?

Wow, this is a popular thread. Hexic seems to be criminally underrated among this crowd.

Anyway, I think you should be giving us tips, since I haven’t even won the game yet. By the way, what’s your gamertag? I’m #1 on my friends list, so it would be a nice motivator to have someone to catch up to.

Is it the same Hexic as on MSN Messenger games? If so, a great strategy is to look for U shapes (or at least three of the bottom part of a hexagon already formed) and then try and arrange so that the other ones fall on top and make the hexagon. Keep that up, and you can eventually do it with the stars as well.

I’m not on Live at the moment, but I’m hoping to rectify that situation soon. I can’t really find that much on the intarweb about Hexic strategies or hints, but my Google Fu is semi-crap. This was my last hope.

Anyway, posting this thread has got my brain cogs turning and I’ve tried not shuffling the flowers off into pearls straight away. Instead I kept them on the board and kept them spinning. First time out I had fifteen flowers on the board before the end of level two. Unfortunately it all went pear shaped in a single instant after one bad move and I lost half of them.

The trick at the moment (IMO) is to try and build a flower around an existing one. Spinning the whole thing around to get it closer to the desired color gets results quickly. If you’ve a few flowers spread close together then spin them all in sequence to filter hexes into the target flower area. Works like a charm, but one wrong move will do away with all your hard work.

I’ve not played the MSN one, but I believe it to be the same. Cheers, yeah, i’ve been relying tactic on that fairly heavily.

Tonight I finally got a black pearl cluster and won Hexic. I managed to avoid making stupid mistakes and accidentally clearing starflowers like in so many of my games, this time making exactly 18 starflowers and turning them all into black pearls. Then I placed the black pearls adjacent to one another so that I could win with a single move, then went about the game normally. The plan was to go for the black pearl flower, or at least drive up my score. Then on the very next move I accidentally cleared the black pearls. Oops. But at least I got the achievement and added a good 70k to my previous high score.

Edit: Ooh, no more secret edits. Accidentally said cluster when I meant to say flower.

Well done. You’ve taken the second step on a long road.

Me, I’m still stuck on trying to get six black pearls together. The blasted things just will not happen for me. I always seem to get an uncounterable bomb while i’m sitting pretty.

Edit: Well it’s all gone to blazes now. It appears that some hackers have managed to run a modded version of Hexic on XBox live, posted up some scores and unlocked some acheivments they shouldn’t have been able to etc…

The other day I was playing Survival mode. I was doing well up until about level 10, but then I spent the next 10 levels struggling and doing nothing of value. Shortly after that I managed to right myself, but decided it was better to stop playing until I was in the right thought-zone to play effectively.

Then tonight, I came off the disappointment of the Fight Night 3 demo (Best Graphics on the 360! proclaimed the GAF… damn crack-smokers) and decided to play some Survival mode. Surprise, I had forgotten about the saved game. I continued it and also continued my previous pattern of doing really well (18000 points on a single level, counting the end-of-level clear bonus) followed by doing nothing of note for a few levels. I was on level 42 or so and had a chance to beat my previous high score, but not by much. I made a rather worthless starflower which happened to lead to another chained starflower which happened to lead to OMG ONLY TWO SMALL GROUPS LEFT AND THEY’RE ALL THE SAME COLOR!

So anyway, you’re now all privileged to know the possessor of the #2 score on Hexic Survival mode.