Hey Brett, I mean Toddy

What’s with the switch to Toddy, Brett? A little confusing, not to mention kind of goofy. Why not The Toddster, Brettman, Toddomatic, or go the Geryk route with Brettski? Toddy is a little weak for changing nicks midwar, I mean stream.

Or are we not supposed to pay attention to the man behind the curtain?


Brett Todd has a username change, and is now Toddy. Note that this is a change and not a new account. All of the Brett Todd posts from years ago now appear to have been authored by “Toddy”.

Yeah, I guess that was a little ambiguous. Brett Todd is now Toddy. I think the only other name change of an existing member has been Bruce Geryk to Brooski. Just wondering what the deal was.

I’m considering changing my name to Bill Dungsroman.

It’s the happy gay pink reviewer club. I’ll be Jakeypoo and Tom will be Chiquita.

Ok, but… Toddy?!

Think “Adam from Sierra” got a name change when he was no longer Adam from Sierra. but Adam From Some Other Company.

How does one go about a name change? I wouldnt mind chaning mine.

There’s been more than that. Someone post the image.

Not alternate accounts, a name change on an existing account.

The Entity was nice enough to change my name once I decided to use my real name. Or what I told him was my real name.

In reality I just want to be close to my idol Joe.

At least one of the names in that image was a name change.

Also I just kind of want to see it again, for old times’ sake.

Think this is the latest one, and those are all alternate accounts. Albert Woo, who also did the fantastic crossword puzzle.

My name was changed from TSG to my full name. Now I don’t get confused with TheSelfishGene or The Smoking Gun.


Awesome! Now I can finally change my username to Brett Todd.

The most recent version of the chart posted here included Adam at Sierra > Menzo, so it did include name changes. I had a version current up to TSG’s name change that I was too lazy to upload, but now seems like a good time for an update.

Edited to update info. The chart now distinguishes between name changes and alternate accounts.

I love that graphic.


For the non-buy-curious.

And that reminds me, I’ve got to work on the posting titles…