Hey Dave, just beat Golden Sun...the first one

Dunno if you ever finished your game or not, but to anyone that may be reading beware…Possible Spoiler material below!!

Spent pretty much all of the past week plugging away at it, finally clocked the ending at the near 30-hour mark. Surprising how abruptly that ending came too. I mean there were literally no plot strings tied up! Nothing is resolved, hell you don’t even get a vague clue as to what motives any of the villians were following! Makes you wonder if Camelot even knew where they were going with it themselves. They really must have either crunched this one out pretty damn fast so Nintendo can have an RPG (or rather a ‘half-RPG’) ready within 6 months of system launch, or this is the next biggest Nintendo marketing gimmick since Red/Blue Pokemon cartridges…right up there with .hack and Xenosaga. I suppose it’s a blessing that I finish this with only mere days from the sequel arriving, I’m ready for more now. Have another $35… :twisted:

Game WAS a total blast. The Djinni system was great, the constant Psynergy puzzles scattered everywhere were often very smart and a pleasure to figure your way through (certainly the best way to break up the monontony of combat sometimes) and I especially enjoyed pushing through the optional dungeon which was pretty much all puzzles and big boss fights only. (Crossbone Island was it called?) Even the encounter rate was generally rather lax, or again maybe I didn’t notice it as much because my mind was fixated on so much else that is going on, besides pushing through straightforward corridors with the occasional fork or chest in the road.

As usual for games that cross the ocean, I would have liked a bit more challenge though. Most bosses can be taken out in just a few rounds by entering battle ready to dish out Level 4 summons on round 1. With only a few exceptions such as the endbosses and the secret hidden MEGA boss, the game was a total pushover, and I didn’t even reach level 30 with any of my party members. (Kind of absurd for a JRPG, but then again it hasn’t really ended yet) Still, like most of these adventure-ish quests, the sheer amount of variety offered to dishing out damage in combat was ultimately enjoyable.

Oh, and the color! Lots and lots of color, some nice lighting and particle/sprite effects of sorts, and quality musical accompaniment. What a showcase package for the handheld.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in and let you know. That was a fun one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Spoilers of the second game

The second game picks up immediately after the first one, I’m talking seconds after the first game you are put into the role of the two bad guys from the first and thus the story continues.

Tne thing I am shocked and dissapointed they didn’t fix: if your character’s target dies before they have a chance to attack said target your character will block instead of picking a new one. Pretty annoying and needlessly hassaling.

Yea, not having smart targeting is an annoyance, but it doesn’t really bother me all that much in this game. Usually these pithy random encounter battles move so quickly I barely notice whom is attacking whom anyway; and when you are fighting anything serious, you pick your targets and abilities more carefully to the point it doesn’t really become a factor as you aren’t jabbing the A button to speed through them.

Still, it is a strange design decision of Camelot to pursue…it’s not like it really makes the game more ‘tense’ or builds on any new dimensions of the combat. Just a very minor annoyance that delays the inevitable.

I’m still finishing. My Game Boy Advance play has been minimized in the evening to next to nil since my wife confiscated the GBA to play Pokémon Ruby. I’ve created a monster!

Heh heh…I’m at Babi Lighthouse, so I think I’m pretty close to the end as I’m sure you could let me know. I knew about the cliffhanger ending so I was already prepared to buy Lost Age to wind up the story. I think it’s pretty cool that they were willing to try that in a game. From what I understand having read a few interviews, it was always planned this way, especially since your party is completely different in the next game.

Glad I turned you back onto the game though BDGE! I think it’s one of the best GBA titles one can buy, especially if you like J-RPGs.


Babi Lighthouse? Jesus man, just take the 20 minutes during lunch and finish that puppy off will ya! :D