Hey, hey, you, you will play Burnout Paradise again


Burnout Paradise - DJ Atomika and Avril Lavigne.

Need for Speed Underground - Lil Jon and The Crystal Method.

Case closed.


Weird that you remembered the Avril Lavigne song from this game. The one song I associate with the game is the one you hear constantly. (Guns N Roses Paradise City). But you’re right, I just looked up the soundtrack, and this Avril L. song was in Burnout Paradise.

*Shudder. I’m never playing Burnout Paradise again. You couldn’t pay me to go back to this game. I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way, since I enjoyed it at the time. And then completely lost interest in it at one point.


You finally came face to face with the empty, blandness of the world where nothing you did ultimately mattered. That’s what happened to me.


I like that Lavigne song “constipated”, very catchy.


I liked the game, although I haven’t played it in ages.


So the trailer images are from the original version or the “remastered” cause it sure as hell looks like the original version…?

How about a PGR2 Remastered? :)


My last Burnout was 2. Which was glorious.

Did the series go bad?


Dude, revenge and takedown are the best of the series. You stopped before the best games.


Oh god, yes please. But I wonder if it’s possible to license all those songs again? The soundtrack on that game was epic. Each city had multiple radio stations, each with some songs in common with other cities, but most stations also having about a dozen unique songs not heard on other stations.


Burnout Revenge is the best one. It’s still good today. It’s so amazing.


No Switch version = No buy from me

Seriously, this game would be perfect for that system. EA is throwing money away with that decision.


Goddamn Revenge and Takedown are so fucking good. Paradise is bullshit and this Remaster is bullshit.


Wake me up when I can play Takedown on the Switch.


Wait, which Most Wanted? The 2005 one with Josie Maran and Cingular cell phone service, not to mention the super cheesy FMV and voicemails?

What we really need is another NFS Porsche Unleashed.


This one:




No, that’s Weird Al.


I actually just began playing that because of all the love it gets from people, and I’m very much enjoying it.


I watched the trailer and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the new footage and the original game. Which I had played again briefly a few months ago. Mind you, it was the PC version which obviously ran at a higher resolution + higher framerate to begin with and also–I presume–has a higher texture resolution than the console versions. 40 bucks is a lot to ask for this one either way, me thinks.


There aren’t many racing games where things you do do matter. Driver San Francisco, maybe?


Midnight Club: LA and Most Wanted, also, to me at least.