Hey, hey, you, you will play Burnout Paradise again


No Switch version = No buy from me

Seriously, this game would be perfect for that system. EA is throwing money away with that decision.


Goddamn Revenge and Takedown are so fucking good. Paradise is bullshit and this Remaster is bullshit.


Wake me up when I can play Takedown on the Switch.


Wait, which Most Wanted? The 2005 one with Josie Maran and Cingular cell phone service, not to mention the super cheesy FMV and voicemails?

What we really need is another NFS Porsche Unleashed.


This one:




No, that’s Weird Al.


I actually just began playing that because of all the love it gets from people, and I’m very much enjoying it.


I watched the trailer and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the new footage and the original game. Which I had played again briefly a few months ago. Mind you, it was the PC version which obviously ran at a higher resolution + higher framerate to begin with and also–I presume–has a higher texture resolution than the console versions. 40 bucks is a lot to ask for this one either way, me thinks.


There aren’t many racing games where things you do do matter. Driver San Francisco, maybe?


Midnight Club: LA and Most Wanted, also, to me at least.


Is this the game with “party mode” where you take turns doing fun levels, and split screen, or is it the sequel that was without any if those great features?


I hate that God damned GnR song and I hate the DJ. Pass.


aw, the title reference is something by Avril Lavigne? I thought they added the Stones.


Ha, same here. Haven’t played the game, but I hear the Stones’ “Get Off My Cloud” whenever I scroll past this thread.


Yea, I have the entire album in my mp3 folder, Ocasionally pop through some of the tracks :)

Remember driving through Stockholm and there were some swedish songs… forgot if they also had localized announcers or not. Think I recall some russian guy speaking on the Moscow track that I never fully mastered.

Compared to PGR1, the sequel was a masterpiece :)

At least with the HD “remakes” of Sleeping Dogs, Skyrim, Divinity, you got the update for free, and I guess they were actually updating stuff. Will be interesting to see how it is once its out, I guess Polygon will do a side-by-side comparison of it, and perhaps Eurogamer will have some political commentary thrown in.


I’m very jealous. I tried looking for that soundtrack. I even bought a couple of the discs they put out, but that’s only about 24 songs, out of hundreds of songs in that game. I then went looking and it was the early days of bittorent. Someone had had a torrent with all the songs, but no one was seeding it anymore by the time I tried looking.

Later when streaming and such took off, I tried looking for some of those Russian songs on the soundtrack, the Japanese songs, Spanish songs, etc. and didn’t have much luck finding them.

And yes, they had localized announcers. DJs from each of the 9 cities in the game. And local songs from that country. It really added so much flavor to the game.


It was pretty good, and quite challenging to climb that ladder.

I guess I get the Paradise hate because it abandoned a lot of what made the first 4 Burnout games great, but it works as its own thing.


I agreed with this through most of my time with the game. And then I reached the final tier. And the final tier requires you to go from having roughly 40% of the events completed to needing to have EVERYTHING completed. So suddenly the next tier you’re aiming for requires you to do every single event and win it. And to be fair, most of the game’s play time happens in this last tier. It’s just that, the more you clear the board of events, the more empty the city seems. When you start the game, every intersection in the city is an event. By the time you get to the stage where you’re supposed to be mopping up, you take an event on one side of the city, and it takes you to the other side of the city where you’ve already cleared all the intersections of events, so there’s nothing to do but drive all the way back to the other side of the city so you can try again. Early on there’s these cars that are roaming the city that you can take down to add them to your garage, so that’s fun. But by the time you clear the West side of events, all those cars are gone too. So there’s still a lot of play time left, officially, but it’s all on one side of the city, and it’s just… ugh, it all turns into a chore, even though officially you might still have 40% of the events still left.


Never played Paradise but I loved Burnout 3, played it for many many hours on the OG Xbox. Looking forward to this one!


I’ve actually been considering getting an original Xbox or 360, and this game is one of the reasons why. Mostly becuase I loved Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast so very, very much.