Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?



Most of us are new to Discourse, but some of us are newer than others. As we’re learning our way around, this is a catch-all thread for tips, advice, questions, and so forth. Welcome and good luck. Because whatever feature you want from Discourse, I bet someone in this thread will be able to say, “Hey, it already does that and here’s how!”

As for changes, here is the ongoing list of stuff requested and stuff being updated.


Answers to Questions Frequently Raised - FAQ, If You Will…

This first post is a wiki post - anyone can edit it, just hit the pencil to the bottom right of the post:

Help, I can’t access the new forum for /insert reason. I think the biggest issue is some ISP’s at the moment are bouncing invite/password reset emails from the new forum. Best bet is to email Tom - [email protected] Even better is to have a secondary email to use for the time being- gmail is good.

Eek! I can’t find my way back to this FAQ! It’s pinned in the Hardware and Technical forum! Bookmarks are also your friend. Bookmark a post at the bottom right of the post and you can get to all your bookmarks from your profile pic top right:

Holy Crap, I have a lot of unread topics, stuff that is years old in some cases! Answer

Really not sure about this underscore in my username… Answer

Oh my god, It’s full of keyboard shortcuts… (And try hitting ? to pop up the guide!)

Where the heck is my dark theme?! Watch this space over the coming months, but for now check here, here, here and here. Update, seems like official per-user theme support is on the cards, but it will take some 6-8 months dev time for the Discourse team.

I’ve got a suggestion on how the forum should look/operate. This thread seems to be collating a list of things to look into. The thread you’re reading right now is better for 'how do I…" questions.

I want to find all the posts by a user! Hit the search button and type @user. Hit the checkbox to narrow the results to the thread you are in. Alternatively, left click their avatar to enable/disable a filter of in-thread activity:

In-built search engine is actually useful! Discourse has some very nice tag filter functionality, the options button when you search tells you more:

The Old Forums, where are they now? Here for the moment, but they may not be around forever since everything except for the last few days is migrated anyway. Jet fuel cannot melt steel girders. If you posted anything of note over there since the migration snapshot at 8PM PDT, June 27, 2016, re-post it here or it will be lost.

Does Discourse remember my last read position in a thread? Generally, yes, Discourse does a great job of remembering where you were in a thread, but that info may not have transferred nicely during the migration (if at all). In some cases the thread will at least take you to your last post in the thread if you have contributed. Suffice to say, this will be a short term inconvenience while you enter threads here for the first time. To get to the bottom quickly drag the sidebar/timeline bar to the bottom, or just hit End on your keyboard.

How can I link to a particular thread, or even an individual post? Hit this button below the post content:

I’m really disappointed there is no 9/11 false flag/truther references in this FAQ! Yep, me too, obviously. But have at it, anyone can edit this wiki post!

All the stickied/pinned threads take up sooo much screen space on mobile! These can be unpinned client side per user. Go to the end of the thread and action it for those threads you no longer want to see front and center. They will still display more content, but will sink as per regular threads.

Avatars…I hate them and want them gone! There is no per-user setting for enabling/disabling avatars. However, if you use uBlock origin, check out this handy instruction.

I really wish Discourse did not hijack normal CTRL-F browser search functionality! Hit CTRL-F a second time to dismiss the Discourse hijack and initiate browser search instead. Keep in mind that Discourse by its nature purges stuff you have scrolled past at some point, so you won’t find something you read 150 posts ago in browser search.

Does anyone have a way to imitate the old “unread posts” function? Not currently possible.

What is Markdown? Because Discourse supports it, but I don’t even know what it is. Markdown is a breezy and elegant way to include formatting in your post. You should check out this slick tutorial.

How do I sort the topics by number of activities?
In the Latest View, or any other view, each of the title in the column, Category, Replies, Views, Activity, is clickable and therefore it will sort.

The QT3 Front Page, how do I get to it? The eyeball icon at upper right, adjacent to search, will take you there.

I want to Ignore someone, how can I do it? Kind of, but not really. You can mute notifications from certain users in your preferences (mentions, replies, etc):

But, this will not hide their posts during general browsing. This is not something Discourse supports for reasons, valid or otherwise. Thankfully folk have put together some CSS tweaks and a guide to setup here or using a one-stop script here, if this is something that bothers you so much you need to address it.

Welcome to the new Quarter to Three forum
Discourse Changes & Enhancements
Discourse Changes & Enhancements
Welcome to the new Quarter to Three forum
How do I see the new posts in a thread?
Welcome to the new Quarter to Three forum
Welcome to the new Quarter to Three forum
Cool stuff about Discourse

You may have a lot of tracked topics when you arrive for the first time post-migration … I had about 2,500 when I started. To dismiss all the old topics, visit the unread topics page, then use the Dismiss New button at the upper right:


You can also dismiss per category if you prefer, via the new topics page on each category:



Perhaps I should’ve asked this before the move, but since we can’t have spaces, is it possible to change my username now to just “WhollySchmidt” instead of “Wholly_Schmidt”? Can I do that somewhere? Can I trouble an admin to do that? Or am I Wholly_Schmidt forever?


Changing usernames is very low risk at the start, but if you want a username change, ask for it ASAP as the further in we get the more “history” is lost in the change.

@Tom_Chick or @stusser can change your name on your user preferences page:


By “history” you just mean mentions since those are (presumably) baked into posts where people use them? Or will it somehow separate me from my old posts or something more drastic? Will I begin to fade out of a photograph from my childhood?


Correct, it mostly affects name mentions.



Good to know. I’d definitely appreciate having it changed, but no rush for Tom or stusser. I’m sure there are a lot of other priorities in the transition. NOBODY MENTION ME OKAY?!


Yeah, it seems like if you change the username on your account, it will in effective turn it into a wholly* new account. In vBulletin, I could change a username and it would retroactively apply to all your posts. Discourse doesn’t seem to work that way.

So, sure, I can easily change your username. But I’m afraid your old posts will no longer be yours.


  • Get it?


How do you edit a post? I’ve put Lond has Fallen in one of my posts and I would like to change that to London has Fallen. Also, I have a couple of threads where I am regularly editing my posts in order to keep them up to date.


Oh, that sounds different from what @wumpus just said though? Did I misinterpret?


Chris, you should have a pencil icon under all your posts to take you to an edit option. If you don’t, that’s definitely a mistake that needs to be fixed!



No, that’s not true. As stated earlier quotes and blockquotes in all existing posts will be mildly wrong depending on the degree of name difference.

Remember we decided to limit the duration of allowed edits on very old posts. So for very old posts, you won’t be able to edit them.


Here’s the message that pops up when I try to change a username:

If you change your username, all prior quotes of your posts and @name mentions will be broken, and your post history will be interrupted. Are you absolutely sure you want to?

Maybe wumpus can clarify what it means that “your post history will be interrupted”.



I get a pencil under the post I just made in this thread, Tom. But I don’t get one under any of my posts in the movie podcast links thread or the 3x3 thread. Are the imported posts not editable? I hope I’m just 'doing it wrong."


That needs to be fixed. We have several posts that require ongoing edits and will continue to require ongoing edits.

EDIT: Fixed! Let me know if you still have any issues, Chris.


Discourse Changes & Enhancements

For ongoing edit posts, make them wiki using the wrench icon at the bottom of the post.

And although we did add “history will be interrupted” as a warning to username changes, I believe that only refers to notification history, not post history. I’ll edit the copy to fix that in a bit. I tested it on try.discourse.org and post history wasn’t affected.


I’m seeing the pencils now. Thank you!!!


Okay, so you can change usernames without being cut off from your post history. I just did it for myself, because I also don’t want an underscore in my username. So, Wholly or anyone else stuck with an underscore, PM me if you want me to perform an underscorectomy.



What’s the closest equivalent to the New Posts view on vB that shows all unread posts across all categories since last visit?


You will need to change the definition of new in your user preferences, then visit the new topics page… New is in the eye of the beholder…