Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


And then tell them that they’re wrong, and of course they want likes.




That’s okay, I knew not to believe that one.


One box fail to give a preview? :)


I have seen the heart icon on some posts, and I get notifications indicating that people have clicked the heart to like my posts, but I don’t always see the heart icon. Browsing the forums right now, I don’t see it at all, but I have seen it before. What is going on there?



You go girl!


See what happens when you miss class so much? :)


lol thanks. Count me in favor of the likes!


I came here to find out why I couldn’t ignore a user, and I was not surprised to find a blog treatise on the subject!


Did someone just post a reply in this topic? Why was this topic bounced?


Yes TimJames did 4 hours ago.


ssshh - its an attempt of a joke!


I keep getting emails each time people post in a thread I started. How do I get that to stop (the emails, that is, not the posting)?

I did look in the FAQ and in my profile settings, but didn’t see it.


Set the notification control in the topic from ‘watch’ (this is the default for topics you create) to ‘tracking’ or ‘normal’.

  • On mobile expand the progress bar to see the notification control.

  • On desktop look at the bottom of the topic or in the right gutter under the timeline, notification control is mirrored both places.



I would’ve posted sooner, but Discourse doesn’t send a notification when someone is teasing me.


Perfect. My inbox thanks you. It became a busy thread!


Hey, did something change with youtube-embedding? I am sure it did so automatically before, but it doesn’t do so now. I am not complaining, just wondered if some setting has been changed.


Works fine

Perhaps you tried to embed a video that has embedding disabled; check on YouTube because the person who posts the video can turn that off, and some people / entities absolutely do.


Aha, makes sense. Thanks!