Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Yes that is a problem. Back button, totally fine, swipe, nightmarish 4 second delay.


It definitely is a noticeable change in iOS11.


Hmm, I think advanced search might be missing an “in this topic only” option. Only matters for megatopics, I guess.


I have a question about local storage and Discourse. What’s being stored here? Seems like a lot of data.


Why do all of my unread topics drop to zero randomly? It’s a bit annoying to have 50 or 60 unread topics suddenly disappear.


Are you referring to this?


Yes. That exactly! Right now the main Unread list fluctuates between 2 and 53 and 230, when I know I have somewhere around 230 Unread threads.


It still occasionally happens to me too


You can keep your comments in that topic, so we have one place to look rather than 2, 4, 12. etc


What happened to Twitter links?

Those giant pixelated pictures are kind of distracting and creepy.


It is a regression cc @sam


Just fixed it we need a rebuild here and rebake on affected posts


I have no idea what that means, I assume that it will be fixed in an upcoming build?


Yeah, my interpretation is that they found and fixed it, and the fix will take full effect after the next maintenance window (“rebuild/rebake”).


So can we set the trust level for new accounts to something rational so that people can’t make an account and PM-harass people instantly? I mean it’s amusing right now, but by the 5th account I think it’s going to lose it’s luster.


You can’t PM anyone as a TL0 (new) account.

If you hang around for a bit, you can PM people. TL1 requires 10 minutes of reading (scrolling) time, 5 topics entered, and 30 posts read.

Definitely flag any weird PMs you are getting.


I mean I flagged them, but he’s just going to have his 4th account tomorrow, assuming he doesn’t already have one in the wings, though the latest one was only 5 hours old when the PMs started.

It’s still funny atm, so no rush or anything.


Share the details with telefrog or stusser in the flags. If there is a real TL0 (new) account sending PMs they can send me the details and I will look; that should not be possible.


I’m sure he just waited the 10 minutes and surfed some threads, it’s no biggie, it’s been sorted.


How can I do an advanced search for JUST CAUSE 3 , and have it only show me thread titles? I am getting 100+ results and not the damn topic I want.