Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Nice, thanks!

The last update you guys did 2-3 days ago has caused quoting replies to only keep the first word on mobile, for instance:

I can’t repro that on Android or IOS? Can you list step by step. Browser version, OS version?

iOS 10.1.1 w Safari on iPad Air 2.

That’s not a mobile system, so it gets the desktop version. Haven’t noticed that myself and I use my iPad Pro XTREME XTRA LARGE EDITION extensively with Discourse here and elsewhere.

Question… how do I search within a page using discourse? CTL-F activates the site search, but if on for example the Game Frame Game master list I want to see who used a particular game, the site search isn’t all that useful.

Check the search within the topic checkbox in the search pop up.

Or hit ctrl-f a second time to instantiate normal browser page search function

In topic search with @username should work. That means you are searching that topic, that user.

Cool, thanks @wumpus, @sharaleo

(Apologies if this has already been discussed. Couldn’t find anywhere.)

I just posted for the first time from my iPhone 5s/iOS 10.2/Chrome and man was that frustrating. Once what I’ve written goes beyond the middle of the screen where the system keyboard starts, I can’t see what I’m typing and can’t scroll down. Well, I can scroll but it won’t stay there. Since I’m at that point now, I’m going to wrap up this post and just hope it’s clear what the problem is.

We only support the official browsers on Android and iOS. Unfortunately “Chrome” on iOS is quirktown central, exhibiting many bizarre behaviors that appear nowhere in Chrome for Android (or Desktop for that matter). Because it isn’t Chrome.


That is slightly changed in 2016 as the faster Safari JS intervals are exposed to iOS apps at last, but the money quote is this, and is true as it ever was:

On iOS, Apple has never allowed third-party browsing engines. Developers can build browsers, but they’re always just wrappers for the platform’s Webkit-based first-party engine.

You were definitely on the mobile layout? You hadn’t accidentally switched to desktop layout somehow?

This is me replying on an iPhone 7 plus with “Chrome”

It can definitely get confused about where the editor is but I never saw it half obscured. I suspect part of the issue is that (cough) “Chrome” ironically has different dimensions for some of the browser chrome than Safari does.

Thank, wumpus. I guess you support the browsers you support. I didn’t know that about Chrome being forced to use the iOS WebKit. The rest of the forum was easy to read on my phone, just not write. It looked like that screen you posted, but the Reply, etc, buttons were below the top of the keyboard and it wouldn’t shift down as I wrote past that point.

You can pinch to zoom in or out on all pages on all websites in iOS 10, so try that.

What’s so special about a Discourse’s textboxes that requires specific browsers?

Dunno, “Chrome” on iOS is quirky as fuck, it is in IE6 territory.

The Discourse connection error page says something like “we couldn’t load that page, possibly due to a connection error.”

But when I view it on my phone, the way it stacks, “possibly” is right under “load”. So, every time I see that page before I hit refresh, I transpose the words and read “I couldn’t possibly load that page…”, like a flustered Victorian lady.

Is there a reason why really old threads are popping up at or near the top, with apparently bogus recent posts?

For example, over in Everything Else I see “can someone recommend a good durable toaster oven” as the 6th most recent topic and it says there is a post from 3 hours ago, but the most recent real post is over 3 years old.

Are these ghosts created by some robot auto-post that were also auto-filtered? Or is it just me anyway?

I actually really like Chrome on iOS. The pull to refresh and close tab gestures are particularly useful. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Safari content-blocking so it’s not even in the running.