Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Why not? When you hit the little house with a circle around it in the upper left section of the page, that’s where it takes you. It’s a decent a shortcut back to ‘start’ as any.

You can change that to go to Latest, which is how the cognoqt3scenti read the forums.

I don’t read things just because they were posted a few minutes later than some other things, though. I like to group things by area of interest, which helpfully somebody already did by creating categories!

No no dear, Stusser’s explained, you’re using the forum wrong, and must leave nowendure this Discord bug as your punishment.

That’s fine, we don’t bar philistines from posting here!

g u j o jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj o squad represent.

I can endure the bug, it’s very minor as far as bugs go. And I’ve done the needful of reporting the bug so can now go on about my business of planning my next thread hijack.

I just upgraded, maybe it’s fixed? I was never able to reproduce the problem myself.

Still happening.

Womp womp. Will try again in a couple of days.

I’m even seeing it happen on my iPhone, if that means anything.

I see this constantly, and its driving me nuts.

This thread is about this forum software right? If so, can I ask to have a setting changed? I normally do not read QT3 on the weekends. So normally when I get online for work on Monday, I will see something like 10 new topics. Then I click on new topics and it will show only 5 new topics. I am guessing a new topic expires after a certain amount of time. Can that be changed to like 3 days? Or maybe something else is going on.

You can set that for yourself in your preferences. The default is 2 days but you can change it to a week, a month, when you haven’t seen them yet, or all new posts since the last time you visited.

I think Ctrl-F now goes to Discourse’s search again instead of the browser find in page… I quite like it but I don’t think it was intended?

It’s always been like that. Just hit CTRL-F a second time and the browser find pops up.

I don’t like in the new search bar that if I want to search for a user’s posts in a particular thread, I have to click the “in this topic” link before I type my search terms. In other words, if I search for an @+name, it removes the option to search in this topic.

How do I get to that preferences screen? I do not have anything with menus at the top like you do in that picture. I have a search, hamburger menu, and my user menu which just lists posts and messages…

Neverminded, I found it. Its under the user menu, and has an icon of a person, not a gear.

Really? Shows as a gear to me. Anyway you should be good there.

In threads with high post counts, I can’t search for and find my recent posts. The search bar only returns the first 50 posts in the thread. And I actually can’t even figure out how to use the advanced search feature to search in a particular thread.

If I go to the advanced search window and search for, say, all of my posts after 9/1/2021 in #politics-and-religion, it only returns one post, i.e. my most recent, in each thread I’ve posted in since 9/1. I feel like this used to work.