Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


We’ve got some giant, old threads with a gazillion posts that people still add to regularly. I just posted to the Ascension league thread, for example, and it was automatically closed because it has 10000+ posts. Is this a limitation we need to live with, or can these elder threads be allowed to continue?


Part of the migration should have been those threads being imported. They should absolutely NOT be closed. I’m trying to use the admin “open thread” command but it doesn’t seem to be taking. @wumpus, can you tell what’s going on there? We need those threads to be active.


EDIT: Never mind. Fixed!


I recreated the QT3 at Night skin for myself in Firefox using an addon Barstein mentioned in the old forum. It’s here:


I’m not a technical user, and this took me about two minutes to set up. I recommend it :)


I appreciate the effort, @tomchick . Unfortunately it didn’t work, because I’m still getting an error when I try to add a new post to that Ascension League thread. When I try to post it pops up a message saying that something went wrong. And now when I look, it says it’s locked again. I suspect there’s some automatic background thing closing it every time you try to open it again.


Oops, now try it, Mr. Bob.


14 posts were split to a new topic: What style should be used for unread topics?

What style should be used for unread topics?

Am I misunderstanding the unread, new and latest behaviour?

I perhaps foolishly expected new to show all new posts, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Looks to me like new and unread only show new or unread TOPICS. Does nothing show you all new posts across all topics?!



We default close topics that are longer than 10k posts as they cause performance problems, especially on phones and mobile devices. Unless you really need everything in one topic I suggest creating a new one.


I was able to post this time, but I see @wumpus said the giant old threads can cause performance problems. If it’s for the good of all, making new threads isn’t the end of the world.


Yeah, as much as I’m in the pro-infinite scroll camp, this is one area where I understand people’s attachment to pages. But going forward, I think it would behoove these longer threads to start a new Discourse 2016 version and then update to a new thread every year.



Even every few years is fine. The reality is nobody reads the entirety of those 10k+ reply topics anyway, do they?


Is there a way to see subscribed threads with new posts, e.g. the vB Settings page?


Works for me. I put something to that effect in the Ascension League thread, feel free to close it again.


That’s the Unread link. The problem with that is that does not show the subscribed threads that were read.


Just posts in isolation, disconnected from the topics they were in?

There is no direct way to see all the topics you are watching or tracking which are completely read. What’s the use case? You can view all the topics you created from your user page.


Sometimes I just wanted to browse the list of threads I’m subscribed to, even though I’ve read them and there’s no new post. Maybe I’d like to refer to something I’ve read yesterday - a tip in a game, a great write up I’d like to ponder further, etc. In this case, Unread and Latest doesn’t quite like it. I remember Discourse having a “My Post”. That would be the nearest I could think of.


Yes you can always browse your replies and topics from your user page very easily. You can also use search by entering @habibi keyboard to show all posts you made that have the word “keyboard” in them.


Tell Discourse to stop being a square and enjoy the party.


That’s useful. Thanks for this.

I’m actually referring to putting My Post in the Top Menu as well. Will that be something QT3 want? It will be beside Unread, New, Latest and will show all your post that you have replied to, whether the post has new replies or not.

What style should be used for unread topics?

Yeah. My typical use case is to have a pane of unread posts which you can select from. When you pick one, then it does show the whole conversation thread for that post.

But maybe I’m just a dinosaur and not used to the one-window never-ending scroll that the kids seem to like these days.