Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I had an issue with the “hide details” collapse function in that post.

Works here. Not there. What am I doing wrong :(
Edit: Seems there is a problem with a stack of “hide details” command being buffered somewhere. It increments each time I try to use it from the drop down menu.
Edit 2: It somehow reset itself by editing this post, and I was able to finally post it as intended. I have tried to reproduce it but it seems the bug is gone.


Is this the right place for technical help? If so…

When using Safari in OS X, some threads, such as the Space Game Junkie thread, download a twitch swf file every time I open them. It seems to do this if there is a Twitch link anywhere in the thread, even if it is not recent. Is there a way to prevent this, or is this just a Safari quirk? Thanks.


The same happens to me on mobile on a number of threads. Don’t recall any off the top of my head, but I think it might include some of the recent Stardock games (e.g., Ashes), that had links to dev streams posted in them this week.


Yep, the Ashes thread as well. Its only a recent thing as far I can tell, started happening this week for me.


How the F do I get Discourse to NOT over ride find on a page? For Fs sake, a web page should NEVER override a browser’s innate functionality. It’s because of the streaming data, right? Wraaaa.


Press Ctrl F again. First Ctrl F is Discourse find. Second is browser find.


Thanks. Not obvious, but will work!


Ok, noobish question here that’s probably been answered already but, in mobile mode, how do i quote someone when I reply?


If you hit the reply button in their post (little turny arrow bit), you’ll have a quote bubble button in your text-entry area, same as you would on desktop:

(Note, screenshot’s technically on desktop, but mobile’s damn near identical in this regard)

If you want to quote at random without limiting yourself to a singular reply, you can tap-press/double-tap/etc. to highlight text (however is normal for your OS and phone browser), then click the “Quote Reply” button that pops up over the top of your selection:


In iOS the whole quote reply selection method is finicky. I have been trying to figure out why it does and does not work randomly but so far it’s a mystery.


Is embedding a youtube video using the Onebox functionality taking a toll on the forum?

What is the consensus on Oneboxing youtube videos?


I was just posting about how (what I think is) the Twitch one-boxing is royally fucking up some threads elsewhere in the forum, so maybe!


There is a bug where clicking on a single word is not triggering quote, which we should fix


Is there a way to start a selection with multiple words? The only way I’ve ever known to do this on a phone is to just long press on a word, and then when the bits come up, drag them about.


On iOS I the only way I am able to select is by pressing on a word and then extending the selection by dragging edges


I am not happy with discourse in this site at the moment.

I believe a lot need to be done, but I don’t know if we can abuse people like wumpus for it.

I think the site is somewhat floating in a abstract void of milk, with too much negative space.


The category page seems sparser than it used to seem.

@Teiman The site currently isn’t showing ads, which is part of the reason it seems sparse.


Is there anyway to increase the font size when I view posts on my mobile? I believe I am going blind from the squinting…


What mobile device?


IPhone 6, using Google Chrome