Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I can switch to Safari if I can increase the font size for discourse. not an issue


Not sure where the problem is, but I just found a thread that according to the index, was recently posted to:

But when I’m in the thread the last post is from January:


Probably deleted last post, or deleted spam post.


Actually, I’m about 90% sure there was a spam post in that thread recently. So, yeah.

Also, edits to the last post in a thread will jump the thread up to the top in Latest view.


The small window size of loaded posts drives me nuts every day. Having to scroll scroll scroll to force page loads. Is there any way to default that to like, 10x the current value? The in thread search is really slow and I can’t use my browser search because the content is never on the page unless I hold down page up or down forever.


What platform are you on? What version and browser?

I can search this topic in under 2 seconds, so are you referring to a mega-topic of some kind?


Man, that’d be awesome, esp. since hitting no signal while scrolling down too far on a page (e.g., while riding in the elevators at work and reading) sometimes causes my mobile browser to spazz out.


A lot of times I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, I just remember it’s back like 50 posts or something and I just want to quickly scan. But it takes like 5 page loads to do it now.


If you’re on Android your page size will be smaller for performance reasons, so I really need to know what platform you are on per my previous question.


Will there ever be a way to swipe and mute threads from the thread list, or would that not be possible with the page framework? I just want to know if I should get my hopes up.


I was hoping for this JUST NOW as well. Well, a way to “untrack” threads in my “unread” list. Some of them I don’t care about, but opening them, scrolling to the bottom and pressing “untrack” is too much work, so I don’t bother.


Read the ones you want to read, then go to the “unread” view (on desktop, at least), scroll to the bottom and click “dismiss unread”. You should get a prompt asking whether you would also like to untrack them.



Hi, Chrome on IOS gives a weird message whenever I try to access qt3. Works on other platforms and browsers.

I looked it up and it seems that maybe some cross-site scripting like “xdomain” iframe or something may be rejected by Chrome browser on IOS.

Weird thing is that Chrome on other platforms is working. Thought you may want to look into this.


Do you have any customizations or plugins for Chrome on iOS?


Hi, nope. It’s a normal Chrome on my IPhone 6+.

It happened after the latest IOS update.


Is there any kind of help page/manual? I do not mean the hot keys one, but something that might explain all the tags you can use in posts. If there isn’t one, then I would suggest adding a link to one in the hamburger menu.


I believe you’re asking for a Common Markdown cheat sheet or reference link. I think having one in the hamburger menu is a good idea.


HI @wumpus, I updated Chrome after the IOS update and the site is working again. So things are well and good now!


Ok great, thanks for the update!


I’m getting pretty frustrated with Discourse on Android Chrome. A lot of times it doesn’t keep track of what I’ve read, telling me that I’ve got 48 new replies to the Presidential thread when I actually read them all 10 minutes before and I have to scroll all the way back down in order to find where the new replies actually start. And sometimes when I highlight some text to quote someone, the “quote reply” button doesn’t pop up!