Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


What version of Chrome? What version of Android? What device? Are you using any plugins or non default configuration?

Also if it is only that topic which you have issues with I strongly suggest creating a new topic, as anything over 10k replies can be rough on low memory devices. (Long story but a list of all post IDs is sent to the device as part of the topic navigation.)


The same thing happens to me regularly on a recent Motorola Moto X Play phone running Android 6.0.1. I use Chrome. No add ons whatsoever. It happens on smaller threads too. But I’ll make a note of which ones.

A typical occurrence is reading marked threads. Switching to another task for an hour or 2 and, when I get back to Discourse, the old threads are marked unread.

Edit: I believe one work around is to “pull refresh” the page. If I force a complete reload, then the read markers seem more reliable (indicating they get stored server side OK, I guess). I’ll double-check.

But that negates the advantages Discourse data and dynamic refresh wise. It’s also quite slow as, when you do that, the data has to be pulled, then the page goes blank for a fraction of a second, after which the app shell and the content get redrawn.



That was happening to me on iOS 10 iPad Safari last night. It was forgetting my “read” mark when I left the topic, even after posting.


Wendelius, I’m the same as you. Moto X Play 6.01, using Chrome. Could it be a memory limitation?
As for making a new thread, will anyone be bothered if I start a new Presidential Election 2016 thread? :)


I’ve had similar issues but I don’t know if it’s ever happened while staying on the same “platform”. There are basically three ways I access QT3: desktop Chrome (work and home PCs, Macbook Pro), Android Chrome (S7 Edge), and Android Chrome homepage icon. I treat the latter as a distinct method, as you can’t go anywhere else from it (no address bar or menu button), so it’s not a fully fledged instance of Chrome, it seems. I wouldn’t be surprised if my issues were all going from one platform to another, though it only ever seems to happen when going to Android.


OK, if we can figure out any patterns here let me know.

As a general rule, I would discourage the ongoing support of 10k+ mega-post topics in general, unless you are completely adamant they “have” to be that large. These topics will punish low end mobile devices due to the way we are currently architected. On any recent iPhone (even a 5s) you should have zero problems though.


Slinks away from conversation, iPhone 5 in hand.


I feel it’s worth bringing this up as I really like this little extension more and more. It’s super customizable such that it’s not just a inversion of the site - I could make it grayscale with a tinge of sepia. The end result is a very comfortable reading screen to be read at night, in the dark. Thanks @DennyA


You are not alone, my friend, :)


This change is now live, on mobile expand the progress panel to see full timeline and topic title. I also crossed it off the Migration Enhancements checklist topic as well.

Also the first post in this topic should be edited @stusser as advanced search options now has a proper UI, rather than a dumb infodump of “help” text.


I like that but the positioning is a little weird. A whole sheet opens and the widget moves to be other side.

Is that due to our custom CSS here?


Works really nicely on iPhone. Thanks!! I was just about to ask how we might make the topic title more visible on mobile.


Yeah, it’s very difficult to close on Android. You have about 2mm of space to tap in above the big white mass and below the menu bar thing.

And if you press the time at the bottom the overlay doesn’t close, so actually going to the bottom of a thread is now more difficult.


Hey, how can I get Discourse to show me pinned topics? I can’t find the gamerid/usernames/whatever post, but I remember it being pinned or something like that.

(I saw a new user post here and hovered over their name. It comes up with their steam name! I wanted to bump one of those other threads to let everyone know to do the same!)


I can’t repro this, it should look like this, is it an Android issue?


On mine.

The timeline persisted between exiting the thread and then coming back to it. Couldn’t get it to close then until I managed to get to the reply button…


That’s how it looks to me. I thought it was strange that the control jumped from the right to the left side of the page when expanded. It works just fine, though.


I’m unconvinced that it works just fine. I mean, yeah, now I can scroll, but it’s not like my screen is really big enough to scroll and read at the same time. And jumping down to the bottom is a few more clicks now. Maybe it will grow on me.


I see the issue, the “scroll bar” has 100% width here and should not, @sam will make that change soon.

Tapping anywhere in the broad expanse of whitespace on the right hand side should work, but like I said, that scrollbar has 100% width which is … bizarre.


Ok this is resolved now. In the above image, imagine the blue box is less than half as wide.


On the iPad, its a Huge white space of nothingness. Maybe I shouldn’t be using mobile view.