Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Hide it with local CSS overrides aka Stylish browser plugin or similar.



I was just having some weird behavior and wanted to note it to a Discourse authority!

I was in the Westworld thread. Clicked the magnifying glass to search. Typed in the word ‘bernard’ - search said that the search string wasn’t long enough. So I added the word ‘host’ (search string is now ‘bernard host’) and I hit return. Nothing. I uncheck the ‘search this topic’ checkbox. All of a sudden I get results - and the first result is from the thread I’m in?

So I toggle the search box and type ‘bernard’ again. Now search works fine. So I don’t get what’s going on.

Also, I’m not sure I grok why hitting Ctrl-F in the thread brings up the search box for Discourse, but hitting Ctrl-F in a category brings up the web page search box instead.

They really do look almost exactly like the sort of cheap keyword-generated banner ads you see sometimes.

Also, aside from that, they get styled differently when quoted.

[quote=“Zylon, post:750, topic:119996, full:true”]Also, aside from that, they get styled differently when quoted.

As demonstrated here. I’ve seen ones where even the dimensions change.

What’s different about it? Here, the local CSS says quotes are in italic, to ape the old vBulletin forums.

The word wrap is different on mobile due to the indentation in the quote block. I don’t see what the problem is.

So, I am having an intermittent issue where, regardless of which keyboard on Android I am using discourse doesn’t actually register any letters. Autocorrect and suggestions pop up, but no words actual appears on the screen. Any ideas @wumpus? This gets very frustrating as I have to exit out of threads and in again to reply. It doesn’t seem to effect any other applications, or typing in chrome, just this website

So it works sometimes? What device, OS ver, browser, browser ver?

Axon Pro, 6.1, chrome, should be the newest version.

Sometimes switching keyboards fixes it (currently using google) and oddly enough sometimes switching to symbols will works (occasionally symbols and numbers will work, but letters won’t).

I had this problem the other day! I never bothered to figure out a workaround, and haven’t seen it since.

I could even touch the auto-correct words like you usually might to auto-complete. I tried typing a full sentence out and pressing “reply”, hoping it was just a display issue, but Discourse claimed I had an empty post.

I was using Android 6.0 + latest chrome

Hmm, not sure. I upgraded us to latest here just now. There were a number of internal changes as we try to get to Ember 2.10 from the version 1.12 that we were on.

The search functionality has been rendered rather useless by all of those front-page threads. Searching for e.g. “Gardening” finds nothing relevant unless you filter with #everything-else in:first (I assume in:first is the equivalent of “in title”?). It looks like Discourse only returns 50 threads, but leads you to believe they’re the only 50 that matched, rather than saying “There’s more, but we’re not going to show them”, and it’s prioritising the front-page ones as they’re newer, I guess?

Also: I had to “fight” with the search bar as it kept doing caret manipulation as I typed. It looks like it continually does rstrip() every time I enter stuff, and at one point I pressed home and then typed more and that somehow ended up in the middle of the search filtery stuff.

Is there anything that can be done to improve it?

Not really, since the FP topics came in late and have very high sequential ID numbers – then we changed the dates on them after the fact. That was not a scenario we anticipated, and probably won’t happen with any kind of frequency on other forums.

Three things:

  1. Is there any way to reconfigure the clickable area of search results to take you to your own Last-Read marker in a thread? Everytime I navigate to a thread via search rather than a link from Latest/Category view, winding up somewhere randomly in the middle of it is very disconcerting.
  2. On mobile, I exclusively browse from Latest view (Android 5.1.1, Chrome). So, general workflow is click through to load Latest view upon initial visit, click thread, read thread, hit back (returning to Latest view), then click next thread. . . Sometimes, inexplicably, when I hit back, rather than taking me back to Latest, it instead dumps me back into the last thread I was reading before the most-recent. When I hit back again, rather than going back to Latest, it drops back to the main Categories view (default forum front page that my bookmark leads to). Any idea why sometimes it seems to “lose” my real “last page” in favor of the wrong thing?
  3. Also on mobile, but increasingly, typing is becoming a chore. With no other major tasks running on the phone or changes to my OS/installed apps, the keyboard is extremely laggy about 1 in 3 times I go to reply to a thread here on Qt3 (most recently on the 2016 Election Game Day Decision Thread, so not even one of the 10k+ threads!). Keyboard works fine in other apps immediately before and after (and, indeed, in other Chrome tabs), so it seems to be restricted to when writing/editing a post on Discourse.

Hmm can you come up with a set of repeatable actions lest leads to #2 or #3?

Also search results always takes you to the exact location of the search hit.

I’ve hesitated to post about #2 and 3 because I can’t figure out any sort of pattern on them. I’ll keep an eye out, but for now, I just gotta leave it as “thing that happens, sometimes.”

Sorry, I know that’s frustrating and next to impossible to work with :-/

For the search results, perhaps, could it be changed so that clicking the thread-title does as it does elsewhere (leads to last-read), while clicking the message body preview takes you to the exact shown spot?

Dunno, maybe I’m just the only one who searches for threads rather than specific posts :)

I’m the same way. It drives me batty. Hey, where was that thread for 2015 non-gifs? Oh, right, it’s here. OK, why am I on post 645 out of 1191 now?

Yeah, same here.

Sometimes, I mute a topic and then later decide to un-mute it. Usually, I change it back to normal. The problem is that “Normal” under those conditions is not the same as “Normal” under default conditions, where it automatically changes to “Tracking” if I spend enough time in the topic. I would really like a way to reset the tracking back to the default state, wherein Discourse puts it at “Normal” then may again change it to “Tracking” if I spend enough time there. Sadly, that does not seem to be an option.