Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

I rarely un-mute a topic, though sometimes I wish there was a Hush option to mute a thread for a couple weeks and then automatically set it back to normal. That way I can keep the initial deluge out of Latest but then see it again a few months later when Telefrog posts a news update to the thread or something.

Is there a way to display the post numbers? (As in post #1, post #2, post #3… post #532)

It would make it easier to reference an earlier post.

When you reply to a post, you get an automatic link to it in the reply. Click on the link and it takes you to the post.

Beyond that, on mobile at least, when you are looking at a post, you always see it’s number at the bottom right:

Using the reply functionally is much better though. It lets the reader access the original post in one click. No need to hunt for it.


That’s on mobile.

Click on the timestamp on desktop, and it shows the post #.

Timestamp at upper right (the timestamp click target is absurdly small here due to unusual site settings that is kind of a bug on our end I need to look at) … or click the share / link icon at the bottom of each post.

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When filtering and un-filtering a thread Discourse seems to dump you back at the top of the thread, rather than at your read position. (Or approximate read position, assuming that your current read position is now hidden). Pretty annoying in 1000 post long thread and I couldn’t remember which post I was just on!

Is there a way to go ‘back’?

Is it me, or is the Discourse iOS app complete shit? All it does is launch a Safari window. Is there anything else???

I don’t see why an app would be necessary. Especially in Safari, Discourse is better than the vast majority of dedicated apps out there. I cant think of anything a Discourse app might do better.

I think its primary purpose is to allow push notifications in iOS. At least that’s all it seems to do.

On the browser version is there any way to:

  1. See all the threads I’m tracking (even if there are no unread posts in them)
  2. Go to a thread I’ve never read before and set it to tracking…but without scrolling to the last post (since I don’t want that to be marked as my ‘last read’ position


If you enter a topic you have never entered before it will always be at the first post.

To enter a topic you have previously entered before at a position other than your last read post, click or tap the post count, as mentioned several times earlier in this topic. A pop up will appear and you can choose the first or last post/date as your entry point.

My use case is that I periodically browse the new or latest posts and see if there’s anything I’m interested in. I might not have time to read it then so I want to set it to tracked so I can return later.

Since I have to go to the last post to select ‘Tracked’ I can no longer have Discourse remember where I had actually read up to - it (understandably) considers me to have read up until the last post.

You do not need to be at last post to set notification status, use the control under the timeline at the right. This is visible on all posts. Unless you are on mobile.

Discourse on Firefox works fine on iOS.

Turning off chrome seems to fix my problem, but still not sure the cause.

Thanks. Unfortunately I browse pretty much exclusively on mobile. ☺️

I just stay frustrated with QT3 these days; the forum software on every other forum I read regularly (about 10 in a day) works pretty much the same, with the same general standards and methodology, and I come here and have to read a 784 post thread to figure out how to do simple things.

I know it’s just me being a stubborn old fart, but the forum (and I’ve tried and tried and tried) has made QT3 a place I visit a lot less than I used to, and when I do visit I read/post a lot less. :(

Such as? What simple thing is so difficult to do, exactly?

Again, it is (for me) the way I normally browse and use a forum. I typically visit the forum, look at the list of subforums and can tell by whether those subforums titles are bold or not if there are new posts within them since I last visited. I’ll then go into, say, the Hardware forum and look at the headings of threads - those that are bold are the ones that have new posts since I last visited. I’ll read the new posts in the threads I choose to browse, then hit the “Mark Forum Read” button and all messages in that sub forum are marked read.

Very easy to mark threads read (whether I have actually read every message or not - there are a variety of reasons to do that) and to tell each time I visit which forums and threads (the bold ones) have new unread messages. I’ve read here and there seems to be no simple way to do that.

I’m sure if one lives with this forum software and uses it for hours a day, it seems very intuitive. Though I will say none of the other forums I read every day have 780 post threads on figuring out how to do things on the forum.

Perhaps it just wasn’t designed for someone like me - I simply want to easily see what topics/threads have new posts I haven’t read, read what I choose, post, mark everything read that I want read, etc. The End.

(While a different topic, I was just on my iPhone trying to browse here, and I read a message in a thread in the Games category,and could not figure out how to simply go back to the thread listing in Games once I finished reading. All I could figure out was hitting the Home button which took me to the listing of Sub Forums/Threads.)