Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Yeah, I read it the way @Clay did at first too, but rereading it your interpretation is just as valid.


Clay interpreted it correctly. I don’t want the unread post count circles to show up at all, which the normal setting does perfectly.

But thinking about it, it would be nice to have a icon that I can set that says “been here don’t get tricked again” type of thing so in a few months time so interesting thread title lures me again only for me to have to set it to normal again.


In that case go to unread tab, use the dismiss button.


but that looks like it will dismiss ALL the topics on the unread page. That’s not what I want. I’m OK with quite a few unread posts actually - I’ll dip into topics when there is a sufficient number of posts to read.

I’m afraid if i dismiss these, I’ll lose everything on the unread tab?


Triage the ones you really don’t care about by entering the topic and selecting “normal” from the notification state in the right gutter (or on mobile, expand the progress bar to see what would normally be in the right gutter.)

( note that this does not require you to be at the bottom of the topic, cc @clay )

Then when you are done, and have only the “good” or “bad” topics left in unread, use the dismiss button. You are given a choice when pressing the button of just resetting unread count or “to hell with this topic forever”. Try it.


Is it possible to disable video autoplay, either on a server or user preference level? Opening up the Warframe thread results in multiple Twitch VODs starting up at the same time.

Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS

My browser profile went kaput, and I had to rebuild these rules (after finally finding this post). For those that need slightly more fine-grained avatar whacking:

##.topic-meta-data > .reply-to-tab > img

##.title > img

##.reply-to > img


##.avatar was a bit too broad, only because it makes it tricky to get to your user profile page. And once again, thanks to demagogue for showing that this was doable so easily in the first place.

The Great Like Experiment of 2017

How do I unsubscribe from a thread?


At the bottom of the thread, hit the button that says ‘Tracking’ and set it to ‘Normal’ or ‘Muted’.


Or the button on the right sidebar. On mobile, expand the progress bar to do the same.


Thanks a lot!


uh, how do I put things in spoiler text?


just like with quotes, but with spoiler replacing the quote

[SPOILER] and the close slash.


Click the gear icon in the editor @desslock.


Thank you, guys.


Wtf is a digital ocean droplet? D:


Digital Ocean provides containerized hosting solutions, aka Docker, which they annoyingly label as droplets.

Think of them as lightweight virtual machines that spin up and down much faster. Souped up chroots if you know what they are. Which is highly unlikely if you don’t know who Digital Ocean is come to think of it =)


@wumpus a suggestion on password reset

Now when Discourse resets password via email, it only asks you to type the new password once. Perhaps it is a good idea to ask people to repeat once and make sure they got it right?


Why? You can just reset your password via email if you mess it up. Why force people to type things twice?


So if I type it wrong, then I have to go through the email reset thing again. Especially with secure passwords with weird caps, underscore and what not, it is easy to mess up. Repeat once is to make sure.