Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I didn’t get vetted when I signed up. I’m allowed to answer anything on there and freely vote on anything.


Well, this I agree with. No need to double enter if you can just see what you wrote. But what if I can’t?


Jakob Nielsen, an actual usability expert, thinks passwords shouldn’t be masked at all.

Also the stackexchange question is talking about sign-up not password reset. A small but important difference.


It’s the exact same form. We reuse UI there identically.

Edit: note that on mobile the last char is not masked which is also a good idea on desktop imo. People complain about login during presentations though, and nobody really presents from their mobile device… yet.


Ok, I have a Discourse question. Recently I’ve had some weird bugs when visiting Qt3. Just now when I opened the “discord question” thread, Chrome notified me first that some twitch swf was trying to install and then when i cancelled that and reloaded I got a popup

that the forum was trying to download something.

Also recently when I visited the “wisdom and aphorism” thread I was autoforwarded to some other website (unfortunately I’ve forgotten which one it was).

I haven’t encountered these things when visiting other sites & forums, so I’m assuming its a Discourse thing? Though obviously I can’t be sure, as it only occurs randomly (as yet ONLY when visiting Qt3).

Perhaps I need to look at script blockers for chrome? (only using ublock origin currently)


Someone is using weird embeds in their posts, I guess. You’d need to narrow it down to individual posts. I don’t see that behavior but I have had Flash on click-to-play since 2011. In newer browsers, click to play for Flash will (finally, jesus) be the default.


Yeah, not sure which posts triggered it. Will try to narrow it down next time it happens. From what I understand, Chrome only runs Flash if I confirm it, as I have the “Ask first before allowing sites to run…” option enabled.

Lets see if and when it happens again.


I’d need to know rough reply number, you can get the reply number by clicking or tapping the link icon.


So I’ve unpinned all the standard ‘Welcome to the Forum’ posts. Is there a toggle or a method to see all the pinned threads that I’ve unpinned. I imagine if I log out I can see them, but is there a way to accomplish this without logging out?


Couple options

  • incognito mode in the browser (right click in Chrome)
  • advanced search, specify pinned topics

It does occur to me that we should make it easier to refer to the pinned topics once you’ve unpinned them (for yourself).


Thanks. I tried the incognito method (essentially logging out) to find them.

The search method for pinned threads, which didn’t occur to me (I didn’t know there was an option to search for pinned topics) actually suits my needs just fine. It’s rare I’d want to refer to a pinned thread, and the search is easy enough.


OK, how do you get the text to show up next to your avatar/username?


That’s currently set individually for certain users who’ve drawn the notice of our admin team somehow. Wumpus did just implement a system to allow those “tags” to be doled out as a reward for Patreon backers, but this hasn’t been turned on or configured, and may not be (it’s just a new option the forum system here has now).


Thanks, Armando, I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure that out!


“Spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure this out” would make a pretty good custom title.


Indeed it would. . . @tomchick ;-)


Sure, create a new topic about how to get the custom user title. There is also the Patreon integration to be done by Tom, requires entry of the Patreon credentials.


You would think so, but it gets cut short.

Although come to think of it, that makes it an even better troll.


Awesome, thanks, guys.


We’re here to help!