Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Did someone enable the “like this post” option???



Thanks, heading there now…


Appropriate avatar. :)


I’ll take the silence to mean “no” but it’s really annoying to have Twitch videos autoplay when you enter a thread.


That also annoys me. @wumpus claims it is a browser problem, per the Discourse forums.


Why are some of my thread post counts red now? Does this have something to do with likes? (Maybe it means there’s new likes in a thread, but maybe not new messages?) There aren’t any new posts, and none of my recent posts were liked, afaict.


Post counts with a ton of likes are colored red. It’s all part of the “experiment”.

The Great Like Experiment of 2017

That’s one setting I’d love if we could suppress by changing the CSS. The threads just stand out a lot (which I realise is the purpose) and it just looks messy.

Likes themselves aren’t more likely to make me read one thread over another and it doesn’t seem to me like it’s their intended purpose on this particular forum (especially if we want to avoid some of the gamification).



You can hover your mouse over it (if you are on a device that has a mouse) to see an explanation.

Note that user theming is pretty close now, it’s been deployed on meta.discourse for 3-4 days and I can push it here tomorrow.


“Qt3 by Night!” returns!


That’s awesome.

It’ll also be a bit easier to work on my extension script once I remove all the theming code.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Select your color theme preference for Discourse qt3


I suggest keeping theme comments in the appropriate topic please.


I’m usually on mobile.

Looking at desktop now, and the red number text is waaaay more aggressive on my phone than on desktop. On desktop it’s kind of a reddish-brown, I probably woudn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t pointed out to me. On mobile it’s an unavoidable bright red.

Edit: oh, another one is kind of orange-y. Looks like it scales with the like ratio? That’s kind of annoying.


@wumpus what’s the default time for the “Automatically track topics I read after X time” setting? I remember thinking about changing mine when we first started on Discourse but can’t remember now if I did. Just curious.


5 minutes.


A bug that’s been annoying me for some time: on mobile, when highlighting text and hitting the quote button, only the first word from the highlighted section appears in the reply. Can’t remember when this started, but I think it worked correctly when the forum first switched. Possible this is related to using an older version of safari (iOS 9.3.3).


Yeah you will need to upgrade, works fine for me in iOS latest.


Ok, I’ll just deal (since I avoid upgrading unless necessary). Just figured I’d ask.