Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


How do I do a pound sign (#) in a code sample, so I can show python comments?

this is what I get

but that can’t be right.


Use preformatted text:

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces


Ah, thank you! I guess I’m quoting instead of adding code. That makes sense.


I suggest running through http://commonmark.org/help


Here’s an interview with @wumpus



Behold my business genius! That’s right, sell to people who have money!

My book signing is right over there →


And then tell them that they’re wrong, and of course they want likes.




That’s okay, I knew not to believe that one.


One box fail to give a preview? :)


I have seen the heart icon on some posts, and I get notifications indicating that people have clicked the heart to like my posts, but I don’t always see the heart icon. Browsing the forums right now, I don’t see it at all, but I have seen it before. What is going on there?



You go girl!


See what happens when you miss class so much? :)


lol thanks. Count me in favor of the likes!


I came here to find out why I couldn’t ignore a user, and I was not surprised to find a blog treatise on the subject!


Did someone just post a reply in this topic? Why was this topic bounced?


Yes TimJames did 4 hours ago.


ssshh - its an attempt of a joke!


I keep getting emails each time people post in a thread I started. How do I get that to stop (the emails, that is, not the posting)?

I did look in the FAQ and in my profile settings, but didn’t see it.