Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


This is correct, if the only reply (as in, there is literally one reply) is directly under the post, then you won’t see it, as the metadata gets extremely noisy.


I do agree with Scott that having that be a configurable option might not be a bad idea for a future release, @wumpus. Especially for boards that, say, hack out avatars and replace 'em with name-text (oh God, what I wouldn’t pay @stusser or someone to make a Qt3 theme that replaced avatars–aside from the ones beside our usernames at the top-left of posts–with usernames, instead), reducing the visual clutter of the extra tags.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can see why it’s off by default. But a more tweakable forum isn’t necessarily a bad thing! :)


Maddening is a good way to describe it. Inconsistent UI is maddening.


Is there a way to make GIFs disappear? They are kinda taking over the place, and people seem to use them as discussion inserts instead of words which drives me nuts.

People are of course free to do what they want, but I feel its annoying to me and I’d love if I had the option of turning them off somehow.


There’s no switch in the Discourse settings or anything, but if you use uBlock Origin add the following to “My Filters”.

! Block GIFs on Qt3 forums


I use Ghostery normally, but I guess I can install Ublock for this site alone - Thanks @stusser ! That sounds like an excellent suggestion!


How do you exclude keywords in a search?


I don’t think we have exclusion or not operators. But try google there is a google search form on every 404 page:


Well there is supposed to be… odd.


I see it, at the bottom of that 404.


Ha I had some kind of cache thing going on. Very weird.

edit: this is actually a bug, which we’re going to fix. You can repro it too.


Why do I have to put text in front of this link to make it render the link, but if I paste it on it’s own line the software renders a picture from the link

The link: http://www.wnyc.org/story/what-we-get-wrong-about-putin/

(WTF, the link works in the preview as the picture, then just flat out breaks in the post.)


That is oneboxing and happens with any link on a line by itself. Try it out.

If the website has a broken set of open graph or oembed tags then the onebox may not work right, but this is rare. Let me look at that one.


As someone who’s been debugging all day long, enjoy my test data.


That site behaves pretty badly with http://iframely.com/debug?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wnyc.org%2Fstory%2Fwhat-we-get-wrong-about-putin%2F


So apparently I received a like 17 days ago, after it was turned off. How is that even possible?


Likes can’t actually be disabled, so, through theming shenanigans, they’ve simply been very well hidden from interaction here. However, the basic functionality is still present for the dedicated Liker. . .


That should be a punishable offense, so follow up with @tomchick or @stusser or @telefrog to schedule the appropriate beatings. Not kidding. Well, no actual beatings, that part I was kidding about.


This sounds like something a 12 step program was designed for.


Okay. I’m feeling super dumb. I had it on my last phone before updating. I’m using the latest Android update on a Samsung GS7 Edge, have the Discourse App. When I go to add my “first site,” it won’t let me add quartertothree.com, forum.quartertothree.com, or any other variation I can think of. It tells me that “x” was not found!

I’ve tried searching the forum to find it, but I apparently am just as clueless at this point.


Did you try entering https:// in front? That might be required, it’s all I can think of.