Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Still no luck.


Hmm, I’m not sure. I just tried in the iOS app, pressed the plus (add), typed forum.quartertothree.com without the quotes and it’s all good. Let me try to check on an Android device.




Yep. Unattributed quotes seem to be broken now?


I guess we have to use html.


Wow, I didn’t even know there was a Discourse app. How is that better than just using the browser?


I didn’t know there’s one too but I’d think it will be useful for push notification! Gonna try it tonight!


I can’t repro this, on my Nexus 5 test device with latest everything updates I can connect here fine:

This was posted from the app on my Nexus 5 in fact.


Just type


> This

See http://commonmark.org/help for details.


How many times did you wash your hands after using a Qualcomm device? Seven times? Forty thousand times?


Qualcomm devices are great for people who hate themselves, so I feel right at home!


Admit it. You liked it. The way it fit in your hand. It just felt right.





Quote is a block level element, not a span…

Test quote


So, I kinda like that there is an app with a single view of the 3 Discourse forums that I spend my time on. I think it would be better if each of the forums have a tab of their own where tapping the tap brings me to the forum without having to load… much like the Safari browser that didn’t reset itself. With the iOS app currently, once you finished with a forum and want to move to the other one, you closed the current forum and load the new one … not as user friendly or efficient currently.


Does the app have swipe thread titles to mute?


No, it is not really a native app into Discourse. It is just a wrapper around the browser base Discourse. I think it only serves as an overview of all your forums and perhaps get notified, although I haven’t received any notifications of topics I am watching.


The app works for all sites, however, mobile push notifications are only available on Discourse.org hosting because it requires special setup with Apple and Google to get it working.


Trying to understand how it works.

Okay got that part.

How’d you do the thing with just the indent and the line?

Like this?
No, apparently not.

Hey neat, never knew about the horizontal rule.

Anyway, how’d you do what the commonmark reference refers to as Blockquote? The > technique just gives me the same thing as the [quote] tags.


You mean code fencing? You surround the text with three tics.

    This is awesome.
This is awesome

this is a quote with >

This is with 4 spaces

This is inline code with tics


I have no questions.