Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


That gif actually helps! I love me some Chris Diamantopoulis. Also – TRUE STORY – that guy is in a found footage movie where he plays the host of an outdoors survival reality show who goes camping and fights an alien. Basically, Survivor meets Predator. It’s a crappy movie, but it’s kinda fun if you know the dude from Silicon Valley and Episodes. It’s called Man Vs. Yep, just Man Vs. Like they forgot to put in the rest of the title.



Hey, how can I get Discourse to hide the new godawful Patreon logo stamped on every patron’s avatar?

It’s pretty much a disincentive to donating now, IMHO. At least the old logo was relatively unobtrusive.


Does not compute.

Seeing a marker on other people’s avatars is going to prevent you from donating? Is your avatar so beautiful that maintaining its integrity trumps supporting Tom if you previously planned to do so?

The whole Patreon supporter flair is still being tweaked anyway. I like the idea proposed in another thread of using a Qt3 specific rather than Patreon related flair element.

Edit: see here:

So while you can use tricks to block the elements that show the current flair, it might be worth waiting a while longer until things stabilise.


Shhhhh, you’re overthinking it. I’m just dissing Patreon’s new logo.


[quote=“wumpus, post:1086, topic:119996”]
We’re adding a fix for curly quotes in this specific mistake scenario

I made a bad post, above, because I deleted the trailing [/quote] – what happens when I do?

OK, when you edit it, you will see non-curly quotes:

[quote="wumpus, post:1086, topic:119996"]
We’re adding a fix for curly quotes in this specific mistake scenario

So fixing it by adding [/quote] provides…


Also we are adding a check so

[quote]Not Like This[/quote]

should work soon in the name of reducing friction … note that I mean exactly this form, where the entire quote is one big honking line. Do not expect

Not like this[/quote]

… to work, or any weirdo format variatons of it.


I bet this has been addressed, but sometimes I’m in a thread and I click out of it and then I decide I want to go back into it again, but backspace doesn’t take me back. Is there a way to enable this? I don’t always remember the title of the thread.


Backspace? That doesn’t work in Chrome any more. Do you see a difference between the backspace key and the back button?


I am going to sound stupid here, but what is the back button?


At the top left on most browsers


Oh I don’t know. Sometimes I click on icons and sometimes I hit buttons. I would like either to work to bring me back to where I was.


Where exactly does backspace take you in this scenario? I am not aware of any back button issues at the moment. What are the repro steps?



ps: What kind of parser are you guys using that can’t handle newlines between [quote] and [/quote]?


Do you think Mark clicked a link to an earlier point in the same discussion? Those kinds of links are pretty rare.


There’s a lovely plug in for Chrome to re-enable the backspace-back functionality, cuz fuck their shortcut changing noise.


Let’s see:

looks good:

[quote]Not like this[/quote]


Something that came up recently in the “switching away from vBulletin” thread in the Games forum:

It seems that user profiles for inactive accounts were migrated to Discourse, but are no longer available to view (for non-admins) since the switch. E.g., for me, @Mink_Staccato returns “not found or is private.”

Is this something that can be toggled for ordinary users?


I think that is for spam account prevention reasons. However it is a borderline bug because this is an existing account which has had its email deactivated, not a new account of unknown provenance which has yet to activate its email.


Also, usernames like that are a back button trap. If you click the name you have to quickly double tap ‘back’ to leave the page, otherwise you get stuck there. And if you mess it up it’s very easy to end up going back way too far

Chrome 59.0.3071.125 on Android 6.0.1


Did something change in the fonts of read and unread threads?

Suddenly they’re starting to blur and I can barely tell the difference between them, whereas before it was easy to see at a glance. Today if there isn’t a number I’m having trouble seeing which is which.

I mean… I getting older and all, but usually degradation is a slow process not a flipped switch.