Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I would merrily contribute to a code bounty if that helped encourage that feature up your list of free-time side-projects, @arrendek. Your script (and Discourse update submissions) have been massively useful to me since the switch :)


I can tell you it’s not Chrome, which is the browser I want to use.


Mobile version of Firefox supports add-ons I believe.


On Android it does, not iOS.


Yeah, sorry. Firefox seems like maybe it would:

That was before the Firefox quantum update though, which I don’t even know if it made it to mobile.


Yeah. Fundamentally I don’t care enough to use an entirely different browser that I haven’t really been crazy about in ages. But ignore is definitely something I see as missing from Discourse itself.


Absolutely, and that’s my bad! I’m glad you mentioned it so that I could clear it up. Wasn’t trying to be an asshole but I can easily see how I came across sounding that way.


Can someone point me to the userscript that blocks a person? Thanks.


Edit: Probably broken at the moment on FF. I’ll work on it soon.


Just a random aside, but I actually appreciate how your stance impacted me. In the past, I admit to announcing I’d be ignoring someone. I rationalized it that it was only “polite” so the person didn’t try to keep up a one-sided conversation, but in the end it was really just me being a petulant, passive-aggressive individual. I still occasionally prefer for someone to just blink out of existence in a thread, but it’s not the end of the world.


I appreciate your stance as well @wumpus. In the past I would block or ignore or whatever someone and after 6 months or a year undo it. They never knew that I did either I suspect, but what I really wanted, or needed was just a timeout… like a 24-48 hour timeout. If it was actually a harassment campaign, I would as the mods to get involved.

The Facebook, social media problem is too easy to repeat, likes and the tendency to mute out everyone, permanently, we don’t want to hear from.


The reason I want an ignore is because people do shit up a thread and even scrolling forces me to read their drivel because I need to stop scrolling when someone else is posting. It’s tiring.

Having ignore reduces 10x the amount I have to scroll, because it’s condensed into a one-line statement what I would have had to glance / scroll past. I am not even bothered to read any of what that person states.

I think Nesrie has a good perspective that I agree with. I do need a time-out from certain individuals, and ignore allows me to still view when I choose, but gives me a break.


thanks. muted that trumpster who’s egging progressives on in every thread.


It’s interesting that you bring this up because I’ve always felt that a true ignore must be scoped in time or location to be valid. It should work more like “take a break from this person” than “blink them out of existence forever”. Because if it is the latter, as you noted… why even allow this person on your site at all?

There’s also the fact that I want people who are being ignored by multiple others to be automatically escalated to the mods, because clearly there’s a problem, even if they aren’t being flagged per se.


I mean just as a for instance, I’m uninterested in what a Trump voter has to say about any subject because I hate them with an utter and undying passion… But I recognize that is not yet a bannable offense sitewide.


It could be, if they are griefing and trolling in every topic they enter. More holistically, what is the purpose of their participation? What does it achieve?


Let us assume, for a moment, and despite such a thing being hilariously impossible, that objectively speaking, a Trump supporter who is not a uniformly terrible person is here and wants to participate in a genuine and thoughtful manner.

My subjective opinion is that they are still steaming garbage, and I am uninterested in ever reading what they wrote about anything.


If it’s the person I think it is, their participation achieves annoying the fuck out of me.


@ArmandoPenblade and @richvr I think you are missing my point. If you join the forum merely to be a contrarian, is that a valid and useful role in any community? See


Specifically item number 1, Endless Contrarianism


That’s not for me to decide. I’m just another guest here. I get your point though.