Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Is this the Discourse bugs thread? I can never remember if there is a separate one, but always believe there to be one, yet I can never find it.

Anyway, in the thread that may or may not be this one I remember someone complaining that they had a problem where discourse’s cursor and button presses would be “above” where they were actually pressing. Well, it keeps happening to me, so I just want to +1 that.

It makes that progress bar thingy really difficult to use if you’re at the bottom. And I was just unable to press the “reply” button. I had to go to my desktop to post the saved draft :(

Chrome/Android 6.0.1


Wrong topic, check the other one. Lots of posts about this there. TL;DR looks like an Android / Chrome bug.


@wumpus can we get the true dark theme you mentioned on Mac Power Users?


You are thinking of someone else?


Whoops, guess so, I thought you were Jeff Atwood.


He is, but your post lacks a lot of context. Maybe link / quote that other forum’s post?


Yeah, I was mistaken. They were talking about Discourse, and must have mentioned him. Thought it was him. (Podcast called Mac Power Users just started a Discourse forum, and were talking to people who set it up.)

Sorry, late night falling asleep listening.


Ermagerd @LeeAbe the jank input detection on mobile is unbearable.

Also, what kind of monster wants to switch off of Solarized Dark? Madness.


OLED true black would be far superior.



Also the only high-quality screen I have is my work MacBook so bleh. Bleh, I say to you!


Yes, you speak the truth at last! 🙇‍♂️

Feel free to have them email me if they have Discourse questions!


Tomorrow Night (Bright) is true OLED black.


Thank you. Hadn’t tried that one because of the bright note. Looks great on my phone.



Is there any way to make a table here?

edit - nevermind, just realized I just don’t use markdown for it


That question came up recently in another thread and Discourse does support tables using the standard from some version of Markdown. I can’t recall which at the moment though. :/ But maybe you could Google it.


Yep, it’s the <table, <th, <tr stuff (with > after all those)


No that’s straight up HTML which does work fine but there is a Markdown implementation of tables which you can use instead. But I guess it doesn’t matter if that’s working for you. :)

Edit: Found the thread with the conversation here Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software


Son of a… Yep, you’re right!


Yes, Markdown Tables work. Follow the GitHub syntax for it.


Worth noting that copy and paste from popular spreadsheet programs just works automagically. It’s great!