Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


How do I turn off rich text in Discourse? For instance if I copy some bold text from a website and paste it into a forum post, it will remain bold. Or when I copy some link text and when I paste it into a post it will still be a link instead of plain text. Can I turn this off? Thanks.


Hi folks,

Apologies if the answer has been posted in this thread already. I started reading up and hit a wall at P&R discussions.

My problem is with iOS devices. I’ll be scrolling up a thread and all of a sudden, I am assuming when pictures load up-thread, the position will jump around and I will completely lose my place. This is a major bummer with endless, thousand + post threads. This effects other Discourse boards I go to as well. Any known fix for?


No, it’s a known issue with discourse - scrolling up sucks. They know about it, it’s just a hard problem to solve apparently.


Yeah. Basically an issue with predicting post-heights that can vary wildly when things like images and embeds get factored in.

Given differences in resolution, it’s not even like a post could have a single piece of metadata about its height that could be factored into the calculation.


It’s almost like there are reasons most forum software paginates threads.


There was a small part of me that hoped we might return to sane software after. . . events. But alas :)


Sane software?

Please no.

This forum software suffers from some idiosyncrasies (like the difficulties to implement a smooth scroll up and some back behaviour), but it’s by far the best forum software I’ve used when it comes to reading through a high volume forum, getting notifications, pasting rich content (like URL’s and images) and having it appear without the need for arcane formatting. Also, the way it saves your work in progress automatically when you start responding is very useful.

It’s also perfectly responsive and comfortable to use on mobile, a plus on my commute.

I’d never want to go back to VBulletin or Xenforo or what have you for Qt3. Discourse makes reading lots of messages and posting really painless.


Thing is, I don’t think any of that good stuff requires Discourse’s insane stuff. It may be that no one’s managed to crack that particular code, but I’m not exactly hip to the latest discussion board dev news :)


Nothing else works on mobile as well as Discourse, from what I’ve seen. It has its problems, and most impactfully has basically tripled our hosting costs, but it is feature-rich software.


I love discourse and wish every forum used it frankly.


I think the Pros of Discourse outweighs the Cons, by like a lot. The problem is some of the Cons seem unnecessary, so it can be frustrating. I’m not talking about the height issue so much as the Nanny and the kind of weird way quoting works.


And the lack of Ignore, and the weird insistence on not providing font-sizing options, and whatever the other eight hills Jeff seems to always want to die on were that I can’t remember now :)


I tend to feel the disruption caused by a software changeover is more hassle than any niggling issues with said software unless it’s a lot more critical than IMO either the issues with vBulletin or Discourse have been.


Well I am not in favor of ignore so…


Weird display bug that keeps coming back with random large numbers of unread posts, but only on that thread. It clears once I go into the thread.


OMG I just discovered by accident you can swipe left or right on the mobile forum webpage. @wumpus nice work.


I just updated, and I believe that is a feature of the very latest release.

This also removed the category column and put the category names under the titles in the Latest all categories view. I’m not sure I like that change yet, still thinking about it.

Edit: I added a CSS to push the categories to the right on the “Got the Blues” theme only. This basically looks like the old arrangement, but it’s dynamic so with a lower resolution screen the category goes back under the thread title.

With this CSS I have 13 posts in my Latest all-categories overview, and without it, I barely show 11. Should I add that CSS to every theme?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Faeces/Erection

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Definitely dislike this change personally. Topic lists are super cluttered now.


Oh, definitely, it makes reading the latest category super annoying, and Got the Blues is too dark for me, I’m using Light and Bright


I strongly dislike the new look. Why prefer a mess over the old clean option?