Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Their reasoning was that nobody needed a category column, because nobody actually sorts by category. And that’s true, but it does look busier with categories on the left, and it takes up more vertical space.

Given votes so far, I made the change on all themes. Should look pretty much like before, except now you can’t actually sort by category, but if you ever did that you’re a weirdo and smell funny.


It’s close; the pin does some weird things now though, and topic widths are lower, meaning more text wrapping and less topics per scroll.


Ahh, yeah, the pin looks rough.


Any chance of an option to hide the home icon, or maybe an alternate dark color scheme for it? It’s always in the same spot on the screen, and I’m starting to notice a bit of image retention from it on my phone screen.


OK, so now I re-added the categories column. You can now sort by categories if you want to, weirdos.

Pinned posts look fine. BTW, you know you can un-pin a post once you’ve read it by clicking the thumbnail, right?

It really is annoying how Discourse changes how the forum functions in a minor update they strongly suggest everybody install and don’t add a simple switch to revert the UI change. Luckily other users posted the CSS to fix it.

@Thraeg: Anything staying the same spot can cause some burn-in on OLED, but you would need to leave the forum up for many hours on your phone without it ever going to sleep or leaving the forums, which is a very unusual use-case. I suggest not doing that.

Edit: I also added a theme selector to the “hamburger” button at the top right of your screen. Makes it much quicker to switch.


Gee, thanks. I never would have thought of that. [/s] If you can’t or don’t want to adjust the home logo behavior, fine, but no need to be condescending about it.

My usage pattern is all chunks of 5-30 minutes, interspersed with other activities, but it’s added up over the course of a year and half with this phone. And the color and relative brightness of the logo do matter – brighter and bluer colors will wear down the pixels faster:

Speaking more technically, the issue is that blue LEDs have significantly lower luminous efficiency than red or green pixels. This means that for a set sized pixel, a blue LED needs to be driven at a higher current in order to achieve the same brightness as red or green. Higher current causes the pixel to degrade faster, shortening its lifespan and therefore eventually tinting the display towards the red and green colors. Therefore an OLED display’s color doesn’t degrade evenly, it will eventually lean towards a red/green tint. So, if one part of the panel spends a lot of time displaying a blue or white image, the blue pixels in this area will degrade faster than in other areas. That’s essentially what burn-in is. (https://www.androidauthority.com/screen-burn-in-801760/)


I’m sure it did somehow, but periods of 5-30 minutes interspersed with other stuff really shouldn’t cause burn-in.


Ooooo I really like the mobile change to show the thread title at the top. Thanks!


Amen to this!


+1 … definitely a MAJOR improvement for me as I spent a lot of time accessing Qt3 via mobile and often have to wonder which thread I am reading … Thanks for this!


Nice, good call. Saves a button click on mobile to remember what thread I’m in. Especially with all the tangents you weirdos do! Haha.


Is that new? Must have come with the Discourse upgrade. Good stuff!


Insta- theme change is good stuff too


The Russian thread is broken. First time I tried to post was a 502 error. After that it just keeps saving and saving. Changing post content to simple 5 characters didn’t help.

Trump/Russia 2016 election investigation (continued)

I had the same issue, thought it was a problem on my end so gave up trying to post there.


I just posted there, no problems.


My guess is it’s just too long. If you want to make a followup thread, might I suggest “Russianchurian Candidate 2: Electric Boogaloo (that’s interesting)”, and link to the new one, I can close the old thread.


My post also failed there, so??? I know that Jeff used to say that 10k+ threads did weird things to Discourse though.


Experienced the same issue in the GOP thread just now. 1393 characters. Tried twice, got a 502 after about 30 seconds each time.


I don’t see your post in the Russian thread. Last post is still the judy one.


I’m getting the same thing (502 error) when trying to post in the animated gif thread.