Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Well they usually implement these things for a reason. I just don’t think QT3 has wall of text issues.


We will have to look in the settings to see if it can be toggled off.


Oh, it’s all for a reason. That doesn’t mean the reason is good.


This should be fixed now.


Collusion! We need a special prosecutor who is impartial!


I’m impartial. I hate Apple no matter what they do.


502s are apparently still happening.


Hey, how do i get Discourse to… Do posts?

Cause the problem is definitely not a feature of the thread length. Something else is screwed up.


Seems like it started happening last Sunday (for me at least)


It happened with a Discourse update. I’ll trigger another tomorrow to see if it addresses the issue.


Does it seem to only be longer-lived threads? Maybe a “new feature” is causing a conflict with the old imported data from the forum migration. I have no evidence of this, just thinking with my developer brain.


At the same time it’s odd that only some people encounter it.


Is it possible it’s related to some of those stupid nanny features, where it’s like “this part is similar to blah blah”?

Potentially, it could be a bug in the code that’s checking some nanny rule.


I was unable to duplicate a 502 error even after posting multiple times.

Anyway, I just changed a bunch of parameters and also disabled brotli on cloudflare, is it still happening?


Did anyone weigh in on what browser or platform they’re having errors on? I didn’t see mention of that but I might have missed a response. (I’ve had no trouble on iOS Safari).




Sigh. Until @clay’s bug report bears fruit, we’re going to have to live with it, I guess.


If it makes you any happier, I haven’t had any problems. Woo hoo?


Yes, it only seems to happen in very active threads.

On the bright side my changes do seem to have sped up the forum a bit, posting seems faster.


Discourses’ willingness to separate the reply menu from the actual thread, remember that content, then allow you to carry that content on between posts should be a feature but often seems a bug. A good double digit % of my posts have to be edited because of run-on content.

I like that it saves in progress replies but don’t like how it disassociates that reply dialog from the thread it belonged to.