Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I’ve tried disabling all extensions on Chrome and posting with Edge on a couple of cases cases. Did not work. I did NOT try posting in the same thread later on.


Have you tried transcendental meditation?


Is that the new guitar hero?


Is that the Guitar Hero version where you hold one note for 20 minutes?

[edit] Damn your nimble fingers wisefool!


jinx 1 2 3


Yes it does. Thanks.


I think that all the times it’s failed to post for me, it’s been from my phone.

Wumpus always did hate Android.


502 errored trying to post in the “decline to moral bankruptcy” thread. Posting from Desktop Chrome.


502 in the neo Nazis alt right thread


I’m going to try another reboot rebuild… Site will be down for 15 min or so.


Whither Dems thread withered away from 502 neglect. Anyone know if there’s a new one or if the existing one can be fixed?

Edit: FYI (if it might help) - I just got the 502 on that thread from Chrome/Windows 10


I can’t help but wonder… Was Wumpus like Desmond from Lost? Did his continued presence avert the 502 disaster? By not conforming to the Atwood Initiative did we doom ourselves?


You know I got you, brother.


Still happening. Firefox 64.0, desktop.


Yep. Still a thing.


I’ve been seeing this on a lot of posts lately. Any idea why?

Lower right of the avatar pic. It seems to be a nonexistent picture.


HTTP link?


Does that help? It’s not there in the link, funny enough.


Nope, https. And it loaded fine for me.


Looks like it must have something to do with the Patron flair but search me as to what.