Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Out of the blue, literally… Having been on the Solarized Dark theme since its appearance, my phone autonomously switched to the Light & Bright large fonts theme. I’ve gone to settings and saved the Solarized theme several times now, and the preference page switches, but when I go to threads, wham, back to light and bright. Just started happening…

Edit: I figured it out. Never noticed this quick access to themes had been added under the hamburger menu. I must have accidentally tapped Light & Bright, and apparently that overrides your saved interface preference. Selecting my preferred theme there solved it.


I added that a couple of months ago. Didn’t know it overrode your saved prefs, I assumed it set the same cookie.


Is there some reason I’m getting “502 Bad Gateway” when trying to post in certain threads?


Jeff always said that discourse doesn’t handle extremely long threads well. That never caused us huge user facing issues (though I think they may have been beastly on the hosting front sometimes?). However, a recent discourse update really fucked em up extra special good, and now many of us can’t post in them anymore, necessitating new continuation threads.


Welp, I guess “Obamacare is the law of the land” is ready for a re-do then.

Discourse has been a real treat.


I really dislike the new way the notifications list slides out from the side if a finger strays too close to the right edge on mobile (or at least, Android Chrome). Dunno if there’s anything to be done about it, but I figured I’d kvetch.


Ugh, yeah, it’s pretty obnoxious. I keep mis-swiping stuff in from the left and right both.


Just updated again, maybe that will help with the 502s.

It’s rebaking every post with an image in it to add retina-quality previews, so that will hit performance a bit, but it nices the convert process so it shouldn’t use CPU needed for other processes. We’ll see how it goes.


Me too. I have no idea why sliding out would give me a list of my posts.


Still getting 502 errors


Posting is a bit slower for me. Bar on the bottom with saving for a second or two. Sometimes longer.


Nothing I can do about the 502s. If you find a very long thread is getting them, post a new thread and ask for the old one to be closed.

Post rebakes and image conversions will take a week or two, if I had to guess.


If you’re rebaking then I’d like biscotti too. Thanks.


Still getting 502s? I was never able to replicate myself.


Try posting in this thread: So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Yeah, i can reproduce it with that thread.


Yep, still brokety broke. Chrome FairlyRecentVerNumberCuzitsUpdatedByMyITDept on Win10 Edu


As usual, I can’t reproduce. Posts worked fine. But thanks for verifying the issue isn’t fixed. Wumpus is helping us debug in the discourse support forums but it isn’t looking promising at this point unfortunately.


Man, you know what would probably cut down the processing load of dealing with 11,000 posts all at once?

. . .



Well, it definitely does seem to be a problem with very long threads. If you start getting 502 errors in a long thread, post a new thread continuing it, put a link to the new thread in the old one, and report your post for a mod to close the old thread.