Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Did you actually do anything or are you like spectrum customer support that claims they did something after they told you to reboot your router because you lost internet because a truck dragged the wire off the pole?

(Tongue in cheek)


Yeah, I’m curious to hear what changed!


Discourse made a change that would stop you from posting multiple times in a row in the same thread and that (for some reason) ran really slow, which broke posting for non-moderators. We think.

Can anyone else confirm it’s fixed?


Not getting 502s. Got a nifty 521 for a bit though.

Ray ID: 49acfd2bdae2c881 • 2019-01-18 00:36:43 UTC


I was just installing a plugin to help the discourse devs debug, which forced an app rebuild. Do speak up if you get more 521s though.


Si Señor.


What the hell happened to the fonts in the last couple of hours?


You can choose larger fonts in the preferences under interface. Other than that everything looks identical to me.


Yeah, looks like all the thread titles have been bolded and upped a couple of sizes.


Yeah, sorry. I just re-read my question and I didn’t mean to sound snippy. It just looked different. I changed my fonts to small though, and now it’s better. (Though my 40-something eyes are now asking me to change it back.)


Wow, I only have two and I can read it just fine!



Wish they could make the font size choice device specific as they do with the color set. When I went from my tablet to my laptop the text was HUGE!


That’s why I left the large font themes. They can be setup device-specific.


Any chance we could get a Solarized Dark large font theme? 😎


Discourse supposedly fixed the bug, so I set the max consecutive replies thing back to 5. Anyone seeing 502 errors? I tried impersonating someone and posting in that previously broken P&R thread, seemed to work fine.

@abidingdude: done


You are my new spirit animal, Goodman Stusser


Ugh, yes. They already do this with themes, so it mystifies me they wouldn’t have accounted for it with font sizes. My phone screen is like 520 ppi; my monitor’s 90. DIFFERENT DENSITIES FOR DIFFERENT STROKES OR SOME SHIT YO


Relative font sizes aren’t tied to density, just to nitpick a bit.

So no more 502s? After the latest change?


There either aren’t any more 502s, or everyone trying to respond is getting 502s!