Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Can those experiencing it share browser/platform/thread info? maybe it’s restricted to the known buggy giant threads, or just the Samsung internet browser on android 8.0 or something.


OS X, Firefox 65.0.1 usually.
When it happens, it happens multiple times and make posting a reply nearly impossible. It isn’t happening all the time, happily.
Also “undo” doesn’t make the text come back.


Happened to me both on OSX (Safari) and Windows (Chrome). I will also note that I still sometimes get errors loading pages which a refresh fixes. Possible there’s an internet issue between me and where QT3 is hosted. However, I’ve had these issues in both CO and WI.


Win 10 Pro 64 bit. Firefox 65.0.1 64 bit.


The issue with autocompleting usernames truncating replies should hopefully now be fixed.

I’ve seen the errors loading pages too; happens maybe 2-3 times per week, and like you said, a refresh immediately fixes it. Not sure what causes those.

Edit: Also, all large font themes have been disabled. You can now customize font sizes in your user settings, and that can be set on a per-device basis, so you can have large fonts on your phone but normal sizes on desktop.


Solarized Dark Large Font theme appears to have been wiped out. Any way we can get it back?

Edit: Looks like all of the large font themes are gone.


I probably edited my post while you were writing yours.


Ah, I missed that option. Thanks, Mr. Stusser!


Señor, por favor.


The thread titles are so much bigger than the text of the message bodies. Is this something that can be tweaked a bit?


I noticed a slash or a “per” is missing between the number of posts and the word “week” on mobile.


Yep, looks to be a bug on the Discourse side. I posted a bug report. Very minor issue but what the heck.


Whatever the issue was, thanks a lot, because it hasn’t happened again.


It was an actual code bug that wumpus was kind enough to tell me about-- I searched for it, but didn’t find it on their support forums. Would have been fixed when I eventually upgraded for S&G and we never would have known why.


Thanks. Yeah, I felt like it might have been too minor to bring up, and I wouldn’t have minded a “too small, won’t fix” answer either. Thanks for letting them know.


They’re pretty aggressive about improving the software, that’s their business, so I figured they’d appreciate it. If not, no biggie.


Recently, like … Today… Links to Twitter have started opening in the browser on my phone, rather than the Twitter app.

It seems to only be links here in the forum, as other places on the web with links to tweets seen to open in the app just fine.

Anyone else seeing this?


They made the change, so the next time we update you’ll see a /. Not going to take the site down for 10 min just to fix that.


Any chance the Patreon button could be moved a bit further away from the home button on the mobile versions? Between the stupid slide out menu on the one side and the Patreon button on the other, it’s getting really hard to hit.


That’s a question for @clay.