Hey, I got my first ever Nigerian scam-spam!

Well, Liberian actually…

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. Emmanuel Shaw, The Former Minister of Finance in Liberia during the
regime of President Samuel Dow. I am 58 years old. I have been indicted by
the United Nations Security Council concerning what they referred to as
“Conducts that tend to Fuel Conflict in the Sub Region” and also
“Allegations of Funding Rebellion in neighboring Sierra Leone”.

I am innocent of these charges. As a result of this the UN Security Council
have ordered the freezing of my accounts and all my assets since October
2004 and also imposed all sorts of Economic Sanctions on my business
activities. I have been banned from any form of business engagements till
further notice. All my businesses have been halted for months now. I have
started to feel the impact of these sanctions.

Prior to these problems, I am a member of the board and major shareholder in
the mobile phone company, Lone Star Communications. Even though all my
shares in this company have been frozen, I have stashed away some funds
which I made from the company before the interruption of the UN. I have this
money stashed in a very good security company in Europe and it is
untraceable. It was deposited as family treasure.

All I want from you is to help me get this money out and invest it for me on
a lucrative business in your country. Please I need your assistance. My
family has started feeling the heat.

This is 100% risk free transaction and profit-oriented and I have chosen to
strike this deal with you if you will not mind. Based on this your
attention is highly needed to execute this deal. I will offer you 10% of the
funds and you can as well go into JOINT VENTURE with a member of my Family.

Finally, I would like if you to send your phone and fax contact details,
postal address, direct telephone numbers/mobile so as to reach you and
discuss this matter with you and upon the receipt of your positive response,
I will commence negotiation with the security company to have the Funds
released to my nominated proxy hence giving you the status to be the sole

I am looking forward to hear from you. I will call you on phone as soon as I
received your phone contact so that we can discuss on this matter in detail.

Thanks and God Bless.

E. Shaw

I dare you to strike a friendship with this guy… then email him some Whitta-links.

You’ve really never gotten this before?

Nope… I am somewhat amazed.

I have not either.

C’mon. Start a dialog and provide us the details.

A comedian on the radio (Steve Punt) just came up with:

‘The only e-mails I get are for Viagra and Nigerian mortgages. I’ve told my Dad to stop sending them, but he can’t help it - he’s a pervert working in a Lagos bank.’

bait him or hand him off to some scambaiters, there are a bunch of online communities that play these guys as a game/hobby.


I’ve spent a lot of time at 419eater, laughing my arse off. This guy somehow gets the scammers to send him self-deprecating photographs of themselves as proof that they’re legitimate businessmen, and has even gotten some of them on occasion to send him money, as “earnest” in advance of the upcoming transaction.
Doing the Lord’s work, that guy.

The “good morning, Nigeria” portion of the Hog On Ice blog is also a ton of laughs.

Although not a Nigerian scam, my favourite string-along sting is P-p-p-powerbook!.

I got an actual physical paper Nigerian Scam Letter about ten years ago. It was written on the cheapest, greasiest paper imaginable…picking the thing up, it just felt shady.

Today’s woot is particularly relevant (and funny).

This is THE best one



edit: holy crap, ppppowerbook is hilarious

Congratulations. :)

I tend to think that my boss was one of the first to get one of these-- we got one of these like 10 years ago-- it might have even been longer? I still have the file we made stashed away somewhere.

We wrote back, as requested, then faxed back and forth a few time, and it took like 4 or 5 faxes and just when it seemed a done deal, he asked for a bank account number and 10, 000 dollars.

We actually turned the file over to the FBI her in LA.

Never new what eventually happened- I assume nothing but it was kinda funny.

Frickin noobs!


Attn:The Managing Director
Before I proceed, may I humbly introduce myself to your goodself, My Name is Mrs. Aisha mohammed, an Iraqi refugee ,my husband was until recently, one of the personal aid to the president of Iraq who was formerly overthrown out of power
Prior to this last serious crisis that is still ravaging in my country,which recently led to misfortune of our government and my late husband position as the personal aid to the president, ,We inherited the sum of US$11 million.The funds were originally gotten from my late husband proceeds. My late husband was able to safe guard the fund with a very good diplomatic contact from my Country and deposited it in thailand. .I have decided to contact you because I am interested in investing in your country which is investment friendly. Please kindly guide and assist me in making the right investment since I am also interested in buying a residential property as I will be moving with my only son musa in over there as soon as every thing regarding technical and logictics details is worked out and ascertained to our respective satisfaction. In view of your participation,I am ready to give you a good negotiable percentage for your assistance,or better still commit it into viable Joint venture projects with you.,be assured that you stand no risk of any kind as the funds belong to me and my only survived son musa. As soon as I get your consent, we will quickly move this fund to your country for investment . However, upon your acceptance to work as my partner, you can contact me with my private e-mail for more details.
, I strongly believe that associating with you to embark on this and other business ventures will derive a huge success here after, please include you private contact telephone number and private e-mail when replying.
Yours Sincerely.

I deleted about 5 before I left work - I should be able to forward you another 12 by tomorrow morning if you want?

Here’s my one - I’m Mr Umbeki.

It must have felt like kicking a child to write that.