Hey... Kenny Rogers retired!

Seems there was a farewell concert for him 2 months ago. He is going to be turning 80 years old this year. I don’t follow country music very much, but I did enjoy just about every one of his 24 hits, and I like watching some of his many duets on youtube.


I saw it mentioned it will be televised sometime this year.

Did he play any of his First Edition songs? I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in?

Most were artists singing his songs, the last few he did sing duets. Here is the set list.


Kenny Rogers is still alive?


I used to like his chicken restaurants. Haven’t been to one for quite some time though.

I thought he retired about 10 years ago, after a bad season with the Tigers.

That Kenny Rogers sound was everywhere during my youth in rural America in the late 70s / early 80s. The Gambler. Coward of the County. Etc.

Don’t forget the wonderful movie Six Pack :)

“The Gambler” is a great and underrated song on its creative and artistic merits.

“The Gambler” is arguably one of the “smoothest” country songs ever. (I mean that as a positive. It was the perfect song to mellow out to late night driving the 5 with my folks to and from norcal/socal back in the day.)

It is time. I have the utmost respect for him for many reasons: He started out playing bass like myself, was an incredible lead and harmony vocalist, put such feeling into his vocals. But, seeing recent videos of him is just sad. Aside from his poorly-done cosmetic surgery, his vocal skills have deteriorated noticeably. It is time.

Do people really start out on bass? Even Paul McCartney started out on guitar.

Well, “Started out on bass” simply means that the first live band appearance was playing bass, which I did although I’d already known how to play guitar for years beforehand. I’d imagine Mr. McCartney’s and possibly Mr. Roger’s experience was similar, but I claim no historical knowledge on this.

EDIT: Just remembered that my first live band appearance was actually playing drums. But, that was my very first band ever (age 14 I think). I was not good, it did not last long, and I very rarely played drums in any band thereafter.

Amen. It’s the kind of country song that is understandable from start to finish, and tells a story that no matter how many times you hear it, you sing along to. Plus that unforgettable chorus.

I was listening to an interview that Rogers gave maybe a week or so ago. He was asked about how often he gets noticed when he’s out in the public and if it bugs him. His answer struck me as the most honest I’d heard in some time. Basically, he’s at the point where just a handful of people notice him and ask for autographs or want to talk, but it’s just enough to soothe his ego and yet not enough to make him want to run for the hills.