Hey, Kitsune!

Hey, Kitsune, as our resident person-able-to-read-and-speak-Japanese, could you translate enough of this picture for me that it makes some kind of fucking sense? The english tagline, “Z’gok loves to shampoo, every day!” is enough to make my head explode. Are they selling some kind of gundam shampoo,or what?


(scanned from the latest copy of hobby japan)

It’s too small for me to read much easily (and Kitsune can probably give a better answer anyway, but I’ll stick my nose in)

The big text says “The thing Z’Gok likes to do” (more-or-less).
The ad is basically for a a Gundam SEED (watever that is) plastic model kit. Also, if you send in 3 bar-codes and a 400 yen stamp, you get one of those three guys at the bottom.

I think the shampoo is just to grab your attention, but there could be something in the small print that I’m not reading (cause it’s so damn small!)