Hey krayzkrok, stop giving the booze to the birds!

Drunken lorikeets falling from the sky? I swear, krayzkrok just got bored. Or is testing a new way to feed Smaug. Or is wondering if a sloshed bird will get Smaug smashed. :)

We could use the man in Honduras to stop people from making belts and handbags out of alligators. Come on down man, you can stay in my place, we’ll take the good old CJ5 for a couple hours drive and get those crocks to safety.

Note: you do, but I do not have any compulsions about feeding the poachers to the crocks. Self defense in my book.

Second edit: re-reading the OP, it is my firm belief that Rimbo MUST be drunk as well. Therefore, I am excused of any faults in which I might incur in this thread, since Krayzkrok is my hero I WILL hyperbolate. whoever you spell it.

Tercera edicion: Rimbo, that makes NO SENSE AT ALL MAN wtf.

That works for 93% of situations you might get yourself into on QT3.

Only 93?

It’s happening right around Darwin, which is krayzkrok’s current stomping grounds.

(cuz he’s my hero too)

Lorikeets are probably drinking all of the spilled goon around the place.

Back at the place I used to work, one of the staff spent three months nurturing a lorikeet back to health after it was mauled by a cat. She raised the most spoiled lorikeet in Darwin. Finally, it was ready to fly again. We all paraded out onto the balcony to see the historic event. “Lorry” (because it was red and yellow) sat on her hand, she said one final goodbye, and launched it into the air. It fell like a stone, then corrected itself, swooping majestically over the fence surrounding the main crocodile lagoon, skimmed low over the water, and…


We cried with laughter.


You never, ever fail to deliver. That’s awesome. So tragic, and so hilarious… :)